Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Colorful Chaos

So it is possible to go wrong with the OPI Color Paints after all.  Presenting the first Fail Nail of my Some Weird Sin days...

Ok, it's not awful, but it is confusing.  This was a full manicure, not just a four finger thing.  The entire time I wore it, I kept waffling on whether I liked it.  I showed Zeus.  All he said was "No."  I showed my buddy McGee and she called it "interesting".

How'd I do...whatever the fuck this is?  It's water spotting, done with distilled water and a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol.  I used Pen & Pink, Turquoise Aesthetic, and Purple Perspective over Silver Canvas.  I think the spray from this bottle is too fine because the spots aren't all that big.  I miiiight try it again, but probably just as an accent.

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