Friday, June 26, 2015

Emily Got Married!

When my cousin Emily invited me to her wedding, I was a little surprised.  I hadn't seen her since we were nine!  It was a good surprise though.  Her wedding was the perfect chance to see her and the rest of the family again.  I instantly started thinking about what my mani would be.  It dawned on me when I ran through a mental list of what I know about Emily and Alex.  She loves photography and he's an avid cyclist.  Cameras and bikes!

Figuring out what plates to use was tricky.  I bought UberChic's Hipster-01 plate for the bikes (great excuse, right?), but I couldn't find a full nail image of cameras ANYWHERE!  You'd think there'd be one, but I couldn't find one and everyone I asked was stumped.  In the end I wound up making decals of the little camera image from Bundle Monster's BM-609 and carefully placing them.  This was done in a slightly panicked hurry after we were already supposed to have left for the drive to Connecticut the day before the wedding...but that's a whole other story.  Luckily it turned out just like I wanted it.  Emily loved it!

My clicky sticks helped me pick out the perfect neutral to go with my dark green shirt, Revlon Nude Beige.  The bikes from the UberChic plate transferred beautifully after a few "tests" with the stamper.  Cult Nails Nevermore is still my go-to black cream for stamping, and you can see why.

For the cameras, I made decals with Nevermore and OPI Silver Canvas.  I let them dry overnight and placed them with tweezers.

The wedding was perfect!  Emily had her grandparents walk her down the aisle.  Uncle Tony looked so proud.

Aunt Barbra is one of my favorite people in the world, but it was so good to see everyone again...and there could be no better reason.  Congratulations again, Emily and Alex!

...and speaking of marriage, hooray for marriage equality!  Five to four is a little close, but all that matters is that five!

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