Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Meet My Clicky Sticks!

A few months ago I decided I wanted swatch sticks of all of my creams, crellies, and jellies.  Took me a while, but I'm so happy to have them!  Now any time I need to figure out what polish to wear with an outfit or use in nail art, I can just grab these.

...but why keep them to myself?  I'm listing them all on here, as a massive comparison.

Bundle Monster Crimson Red * Sinful Colors Energetic Red * Sinful Colors Pipaya * L'Oréal Jolly Lolly
Sinful Colors * LA Colors (Mosaic) * Sally Hansen Perfectly Poppy * NYC I ♥ NY
Spoiled Hit The Breaks * Sinful Colors GoGo Girl * Essie First Dance * Wet n Wild Rouge 66

China Glaze High Roller * Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby * Spoiled Hit The Breaks * SinfulShine Devious
OPI Red Hot Rio * OPI Vodka And Caviar * Urban Outfitters Blood * China Glaze Adventure Red-y
Sally Hansen Moto * Ulta Steppin' Out * Zoya Pepper * China Glaze Masai Red

Orly Bus Stop Crimson * Spoiled Slumming On Sunset * Revlon Velvet Rope *  Orly Grave Mistake
OPI Got The Blues For Red * Color Club Style Icon * OPI Skyfall * Revlon Persuasion
Revlon Forbid * NYC Boogie Nights * Essie Skirting The Issue *  SinfulShine Mirror Mirror

OPI Suzi Says Da! * Sinful Colors Georgio *  OPI Visions Of Love
China Glaze Call Of The Wild * Dermelect Ferosh * Ulta Chocoholic
OPI I Sing In Color * China Glaze Prey Tell

Sinful Colors Clementine * CoverGirl Orange Oasis * Wet n Wild Cursed * L'Oréal Mango Mama
Bundle Monster Orange Peel * OPI Chromatic Orange * Sally Hansen Play Koi * Revlon Sunburst
Sally Hansen Leo In Rio * Wet n Wild Ferris Wheel Romance * Zoya Wendy * New York Summer Hot Atomic Red

Color Club Poetic Hues * Sephora by OPI Give Peach A Chance * Sinful Colors Skyark * Zoya Cole
OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked? * Sally Hansen Desert Poppy * Sally Hansen Pumpkin Queen * Nars TV Party
China Glaze Pop The Trunk * Wet n Wild Nuclear War *  Sinful Colors Beau Brique * Sinful Colors On The Bright Side

LA Colors (Mosaic) * American Apparel Manila
Sinful Colors Pull Over * Sally Hansen Butterscotch
Color Club Je Ne Sais Quoi * OPI Fiercely Fiona 

Wet n Wild LAC My Mani? * Sally Hansen Sizzling Safron * OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana * Sinful Colors Let's Meet
Ulta Sunsational * Wet n Wild D'Oh! * SinfulShine Bananappeal * Nars Amchoor
Bundle Monster Sunny Yellow * OPI Primarily Yellow * Spoiled Designated Driver * OPI The "It" Color

Bongo Canary Island * Nicole by OPI Lay It On The Lime * Brash Pineapple Party * OPI Life Gave Me Lemons
New York Summer Phsyo [sic] * Sinful Colors High Strung * Color Club Sunrise Canyon * China Glaze Trip Of A Lime Time
NYC Apple Fizz * OPI Who The Shrek Are You? * Color Mates Waikiki Kiwi * CoverGirl Appletini

Sally Hansen Grass Slipper * Sinful Colors Innocent * Zoya Tilda * China Glaze Budding Romance
Ginger + Liz Sam-Poole Sale * KleanColor Fashionista * Sephora by OPI Caught With My Khakis Down
OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window Down * Sally Hansen Loden Green * China Glaze Don't Get Derailed

Sinful Colors Song Of Summer * Milani Cream Pistachio * OPI Damone Roberts 1968 * Essie Mojito Madness
Sally Hansen I-rush Luck * Sephora by OPI I Come In Peas * Spoiled Green To Be Heard * American Apparel Hunter
Fresh Paint Spruce Street * Maybelline Walk In The Park * Essence Deep Sea, Baby * OPI You Are So Outta Lime

Sinful Colors Pistache * Sinful Colors Irish Green * Spoiled Permission To Proceed * Essie Shake Your $$ Maker
Wet n Wild Contact High * New York Summer Hot Green * Nfu Oh JS34 * Fresh Paint Square Candy
e.l.f. Teal Blue * Sinful Colors Garden Party * NYC Palm On The Beach

Wet n Wild Stand The Test Of Lime * Sally Hansen Kelp Out * Sinful Colors Hey, You * OPI Landscape Artist
Sinful Colors Exotic Green * OPI Forest My Case * Sally Hansen Green Thumb * Bundle Monster Lucky Green
L'Oréal Hyde Park * China Glaze Holly Day * Zoya Hunter * OPI Christmas Gone Plaid

Sinful Colors Last Chance * Illamasqua Rampage * Sally Hansen Poison Ivy
Nars Zulu * Sinful Colors Olympia * L'Oréal Creme de Mint * Milani Mint Cream
SinfulShine In The Limelight * KleanColor Military Green * FingerPaints Tough Art To Follow

OPI Stranger Tides * Sinful Colors Beau Khaki * Color Mates Karen's Got A Gun * China Glaze Westside Warrior
Revlon Jungle * Color Club Tribe & True * Zoya Shawn * Sally Hansen Evergreen
Sinful Colors Mint Tropics * Sally Hansen Grass Is Greener * SinfulShine Rise & Shinier

Bellatrix (Emerald) * FingerPaints To-Tealy Hot * Wet n Wild Be More Pacific * Color Club Abyss
Sally Hansen Seasational * Sally Hansen Greenlight * Funky Finger Space Cadet * Funky Fingers Bizerk Turq
China Glaze Keepin' It Teal * Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini * Maybelline Urban Utopia * Color Club Wild Cactus

e.l.f. Mint Cream * OPI My Dogsled Is A Hybrid * Sally Hansen Hustle Up
Sinful Colors Strapped * FingerPaints Go Van Gogh * OPI Jade Is The New Black
Zoya Frida * Sinful Colors Envy * Ulta Green & Wear It * OPI Turquoise Asthetic

Sally Hansen Kelp Yourself * OPI Mermaid Tears * Sinful Colors Open Seas * Revlon Entice
NYC Tudor City Teal * Sephora by OPI Ocean Love Potion * Misa Dirty Sexy Money * CQ Corduroy
NY&Co Inverness * Milani Enchanted Emerald * CQ Slate * Sinful Colors Calypso

Sephora by OPI My Personal Serpent * Orly Le Chateau * Cult Nails Grunge * Essie Vested Interest
Revlon Essence * Nicole by OPI Green Up Your Act * Sinful Colors Leap Flog * Sinful Colors Into The Mist
Maybelline S-late * China Glaze Exotic Encounters * Nicole by OPI Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam

Sinful Colors Tidal Wave * Barielle Swizzle Stix * Milani Peacock * Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing
CoverGirl Blue Hawaiian * Sinful Colors Savage * Essence Break Through * SinfulShine Sleek
China Glaze Shower Together * Sinful Colors Ocean Side * American Apparel Peacock * Sally Hansen Jungle Gem

Sephora by OPI Cartwheels On The Catwalk * Sally Hansen Grey By Grey * Revlon Blue Slate * SinfulShine Devious
Revlon Fashionista * SinfulShine Set The Mood * L'Oréal Rainy Piccadilly * Hedy's Age Of Aquarius
Orly Sapphire Silk * CQ Denim * Revlon Surf * OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui

NYC Mint Macaron * Sinful Colors Teal The End * Wet n Wild Gyp-sea Green * China Glaze My Way Or The Highway
OPI Fly * Bundle Monster Sky Blue * Sally Hansen Please Sea Me * Sally Hansen New Wave Blue
Nail Pop Jazzy Jade * Revlon Trendy * LA Colors (Mosaic) * Orly Techno

OPI Ski Teal We Drop * New York Summer Hot Sky Blue * China Glaze Well Trained
SinfulShine Shine Divine * Color Mates Dark Blue * Spoiled Mar-zi-panna
NYC Minted On Broadway * Sally Hansen Cuteapillar

Wet n Wild Teal Slowly And See * Revlon Mezmerize * Sinful Colors Aquamarine * Sinful Colors Why Not
OPI Ogre-The-Top Blue * Zoya Ling * Sinful Colors Burning Bright * Cosmetic Arts (no name)
Color Club Baldwin Blues * OPI I Saw, You Saw, We Saw, Warsaw * Maybelline Midnight Swim * Sation Rock-A-Guy Blue

NYC Ocean Blue * Sinful Colors Endless Blue * Wet n Wild Havasu Blue * Revlon Superstitious
Revlon Indigo Night * NYC Boat Basin Blue * CQ Tropics * OPI Keeping Suzi At Bay
NYX Ink * Barry M Indigo * Finger Paints Jelly Fish * Nina Ultra Pro Cobalt

Revlon Royal * Sinful Colors Into The Blue * Ulta Whatever Floats Your Moat * Bundle Monster Royal Blue
Cult Nails Time Traveler * OPI Indigo Motif * Sally Hansen Slick * Nicole by OPI No Limits
Wet n Wild Nocturnal * Wet n Wild Listening To Blue Reed * China Glaze Licence & Registration Pls * L'Oréal Jet Set

NYC Raindrop * Sally Hansen Royal Hue * Maybelline Pacific Blues * Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
Sally Hansen In-Prompt Blue * Milani Blue Print * Sinful Colors Shock & Awe * Milani Blue Jay
Sinful Colors My Bouyfriend * LA Colors Reckless * American Apparel Moonlight Beach * OPI OPI Eurso Euro

Ulta Joined At The Hippo * Sinful Colors Navy I Do * Revlon Urban * Essie After School Boy Blazer
New York Summer Hot Baby Blue * Sally Hansen ? * Color Club Endless Summer * China Glaze Ride The Waves
Color Club Chelsea Girl * Sation It's All Navy Baby * SapRitual Osmium * Essence Let's Get Lost

Sinful Colors Sugar Rush * OPI What's With The Cattiutude? * Wet n Wild Chambray Showers * Funky Fingers Comet Mebro
L'Oréal Miss Pixie * Essie Bouncer, It's Me * SpaRitual Circle Of Life * China Glaze Man Hunt
Orly Shockwave * Maybelline Exu-blue-rant * Sally Hansen Blue Blood * Fresh Paint Emo

Sally Hansen Dabbler * Sinful Colors Rain Storm  * SpaRitual Undercurrent * Sally Hansen Royal Reign
OPI Incognito In Sausalito * Sally Hansen Resurrection * American Apparel Cameo Blue * Zoya Sailor
OPI Dating A Royal * Sally Hansen Thinking Of Blue * Zoya Natty * Essie Bobbing For Baubles

Sally Hansen Wet Suit * Wet n Wild Putting On Airs * Petites Creme Blue
Sally Hansen Blinding Blue * Maybelline Azure Seas * China Glaze Hanging In The Balance
Sally Hansen Blue By! * Wet n Wild Echo Dark * Sally Hansen Nighwatch * Sinful Colors Fly Away 

Revlon Provence * OPI Planks A Lot * Sally Hansen Fe Fi Fo Plum *  Sinful Colors Amethyst
Sinful Colors Go Go Boots * Orly Charged Up * Illamasqua Prosperity * Blue Cross (UV Pumpkin '12)
China Glaze Creative Fantasy * Verity Deep Violet * Bundle Monster Amethyst

e.l.f. Fab Fuchsia * Wet n Wild Deception * Sinful Colors Outrageous
Sinful Colors Southern Belle * Sally Hansen Vibrant Violet * SinfulShine Go Glossy
OPI Push And Pur-Pull * Wet n Wild Fuchsiarama * Milani Rad Purple

Sally Hansen Water Orchid * NYC Lavender Cupcake * Milani Purple Martin * NYC Jacaranda Flower
OPI Do You Have This Color In Stock-holm? * Sinful Colors Enchanted * Orly Wild Wisteria * OPI Siberian Nights
Funky Fingers Riot * Sation Miss Emo Shun All * Orly Saturated * OPI Purple Perspective

Sinful Colors Dream On (new) * Sally Hansen Cherry Cherry Bang Bang * Lippmann Call Me Irresponsible * OPI Pamplona Purple
Revlon Hello, Bali *  LA Colors Fiji* CQ Candy Grape * OPI In The Cable Car Pool Lane
Revlon Bold Sangria * Sally Hansen Plum Luck * Nfu Oh JS41 * Revlon Seductive

Sally Hansen Angel Bite * Pat On The Black * Orly Naughty Or Nice * China Glaze Evening Seduction
Sinful Colors Black Cherry * Zoya Casey * OPI Lincoln Park After Dark * L'Oréal Berry Nice
Wet n Wild Careful, It's Vine-tage * OPI Hi! Hawaii Ya? * Zoya Marnie

Revlon Mystical * Zoya Paloma * OPI Houston We Have A Purple * Sinful Colors Truth or Dare
Sinful Colors Aubergine * Sinful Color Berry Charm * OPI Manicurist Of Seville * OPI Casino Royale
Wet n Wild So Berry On Trend * China Glaze Purr-fect Plum * NYC Boundless Berry * Zoya Katherine

China Glaze Merry Berry * Hedy's Ramblin' Red * Ulta Deep Desire * OPI Mrs O'Leary's BBQ
OPI William Tell Me About OPI * Essie Soul Mate * Revlon Devil's Lure * Zoya Brigitte
Zoya Madeline * Zoya Aubrey * Sally Hansen Get Down * OPI Scores A Goal!

Nicole by OPI Kim-pletely In Love * Wet n Wild Sugar Coat * Zoya Dot
Zoya Rooney * OPI Pen & Pink * Zoya Kitridge
Color Club Flamingo * Bundle Monster Electric Pink * OPI Magenta Muse

Sally Hansen Bare Hug * Essie Miss Fancy Pants * Cult Nails Ms. Conduct * Sephora by OPI Frankly, I Don't Give A-dam
Sinful Colors Mauvelous * Sinful Colors Muse * Sinful Colors Inkwell * Zoya Rue
L'Oréal Grey-t Expectations * Zoya Normani * Hedy's Dusty Spring Fields * Sinful Colors Graine de Poivre

Rimmel Steel Grey * OPI I São Paulo Over There * OPI Taupeless Beach
Sally Hansen Greige Gardens * Orly Blend * OPI I Break For Manicures 

Revlon Bare Bones * Wet n Wild Yo Soy! * Sally Hansen Stocking Nude * OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons
Zoya Taylor * Revlon Nude Beige * Zoya Spencer * Zoya Chantal
Sally Hansen Camelflage * Sally Hansen Malt * NYC Fashion Safari * Revlon Natural Tan

Sally Hansen Sheer Force * Revlon Trade Winds * Zoya Flynn * China Glaze Mahogany Magic
Zoya Louise * FingerPaints Sketchy Character * OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys * Sinful Colors Coffee
NYC Rocker Chic * Sally Hansen Cinnamon * Essie Little Brown Dress * Nicole by OPI Promises After Dark

Revlon Mocha * FingerPaints Haute Taupe * SinfulShine Rebel
Sinful Colors Nirvana * FingerPaints It Baroque * OPI You Don't Know Jacques!
China Glaze Foie Gras * Wet n Wild Distressed To Impress 

Sinful Colors Cool Gray * Hedy's Rollin' Stone * Sephora by OPI Break A Legwarmer * OPI Decoded
Sally Hansen Grease Lightning * Sonia Kashuk Blank Slate * Sinful Colors Ardoise * Color Club Muse-ical
OPI Skull & Glossbones * Orly Highlight * OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts * Sephora by OPI Dance 'Til Fawn

Sinful Colors Jungle Trail * Nfu Oh JS02 * Sinful Colors Beige Of Honor
OPI Did You 'ear About Van Gogh? * Spoiled Only In Creams * Revlon Graceful

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls * OPI Don't Touch My Tutu * Essie Waltz * Sally Hansen Polar Bare
Zoya Dove * Color Club Lady Holiday * Sally Hansen Wet Cement * Sally Hansen Dorien Grey
Sinful Colors Smokin' * OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine * Nfu Oh JS01 * OPI Obscurity

...and I've actually bought more since!  I'll probably be posting an update to these at some point.

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