Wednesday, June 10, 2015

OPI Color Paints Water Marble

 purchased by me 

Back in the oh so long ago PGS days I posted some layered stamping I did with the new OPI Color Paints, but this water marble was the first thing I'd done with them.  If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some crappy phone pics of this (including my tie-dyed finger) already...five weeks ago!  Yikes.  This is my first successful dipped water marble (after a mess and a 'cheat'), so it's not perfect.  I'm still thrilled with how it turned out!  I liked it so much that I did it as a full mani.

Gotta take a moment to gush again about just how wonderful the Color Paints are.  Everything about them is great.  The opacity is just right, they're nail art workhorses, and the colors go from vibrant to electric over Silver Canvas.  They're perfect and awesome and you need them.  Really!  Go buy them if you haven't already.  You'll be seeing them a few more times on here in the next few weeks.  I have so many ideas.

For now we're gonna take a long, long look at my water marble.  I love it so much that I kinda want to do another one.

Writing that photos don't do something justice always feels like a cop-out, don't do the Color Paints justice. Purple Perspective and Indigo Motif aren't as samey in person as they look here.

That glow, dude...

What do I do when something's glowy?  I break out the matte topcoat.

with OPI Matte Top Coat

Oh yes.  Oh very yes.

with OPI Matte Top Coat

You know how you almost never see my thumbs?  LOOK AT MY THUMB!

...and matte too...

with OPI Matte Top Coat

My wonky right hand is even gonna make an appearance here.

....and matte...

with OPI Matte Top Coat

It killed me a little to take this mani off, so I took one last photo under the Jansjo lamp at my desk.

with OPI Matte Top Coat - LED light

The glow...I can't handle it!

Again, you need these, and you'll be seeing them here again.  I'll be doing a tutorial on layered stamping, since a few people asked.  I also have other, stranger, plans for them.  If it works, it'll be awesome.  If not, I'll get to start a fail nail tag.  Win-win, right?

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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