Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Shopper - 6/14 through 6/20

No surprise here, but I spend a lot of time in drugstores.  I also go to plenty of them.  I'm lucky to live in a region that's very shoppy.  Stores around here get pretty much every collection, so I'm always taking photos of new displays.  They used to just wind up on my Instagram.  Since the new blog is all me and more focused on drugstore brands, I figured I might as well put them up here too.  While you're here, I'll also highlight any really good sales or offers I find.

Sunday Shopper will be weekly-ish, though there probably won't be one next week.  CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens are my obvious stops, but I'll also post occasional sightings from Wegmans (a Mid-Atlantic regional supermarket) and Target.  You won't see Wal-mart stuff here, because I don't shop there.  Expect these posts to feature mostly polish, like the rest of the blog.

The HOT Sales:

Walgreens - 99¢ Sinful Colors!! [last page] I'll post updated spam tomorrow, but here's a recent one.

CVS - Spend $10 on Sally Hansen get $5 ExtraBucks!! It's limit 3, so you can get up to $15 back when you spend $30. Wow!

The Newest Stuff:

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Instant Attitude (LE)

Shade Names:
Tag, Ur It * Street Cred * Color Me Good * Vandal Eyes * Quick Brick * City Slicker

You're not seeing things.  That's a white Insta-Dri!  I have OMGhost and Whirlwind White already, but I'm still sorta tempted to pick this one up to test and compare its stamping abilities.

Sinful Colors Tokyo Lights - BIG Walgreens endcap

Yes!!  I was delighted to find this display when my sister and I stopped in for a soda.  My sister was with me, so I didn't make a list of the shades, but there are some I definitely don't remember seeing in the other Street Fusion display.  I'll update with a list later today, after I go back to pillage.

L'Oréal Infallible Pro-Last NailColor

When I saw these on Nouveau Cheap, I was confused.  Now that I've seen them myself...I'm still confused.  From the look of it, the topcoat on many of them is tinted just enough to slightly change the color.  I might buy one just to see what they're like, but I'm not fond of dual-ended polishes.

L'Oréal Nautique

Shade Names:
Fiery Sunset * Sand Castle * Hit The Waves * High Tide * Yacht Party * Raise The Flag

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Color Xpression

Shade Names:
Bare Hug * La Vida Polka * Sun Spots * Dabbler * Green Thumb * Pin-k Point * Royal Hue * Orchid Around

I'm in the process of swatching my picks from this one...and I might go back for Orchid Around.  They're all creams, and could be new additions to the core display, since it doesn't say "Limited Edition" anywhere.

Sally Hansen Pearl Crush (LE)

Shade Names:
Oy-ster It Up * She Sells * Lady Crab * Rainbow Fish * Shell & Tell * Mer-Mint * Silver Scallop * Clam Digger

So far I've found these and the Insta-Ombres at Walgreens, Target, and Wegmans, but not CVS.  Phooey.

Sally Hansen Insta-Ombre (LE)

Shade Names:
Copper Cap * Cobalt Coat * Layer On Lilac * Scarlet Spark * Gold Grade * Fuchsia-nista * Jade Fade * Gray-diant

I have a bone to pick with Sally about that Big Peel Off base coat.  No ingredient list!  WTF!?

Sally Hansen Spring/Summer LE's - Target endcap

Miracle Gel Summer * Beachside Astrologer * Insta Ombre and Pearl Crush (select shades) * various Xtreme Wear LE's

Sinful Colors No Text Red

Spotted this one at Wegmans.  There's only one shade here, called No Text Red.

Sinful Colors Street Fusion Bombay Nights - Walgreens version

Shade Names:
? * Endless Blue * Maroon Fine * Skylark * Copper Pot

The Rite Aid version of this display has Ice Blue instead of....I think that's Cinderella.

Sinful Colors Street Fusion Tokyo Lights - Walgreens version

Shade Names:
Black On Black * Hazard * GoGo Girl * Black On Black * Green Ocean * Curry Up

The Walgreens version is almost completely different than the Rite Aid one.  Remember when they'd do the same shades, with a different display name?  They seem to have reversed that strategy lately.

Incoco Liberty Belle and Look Proud at Walgreens

$6.99 for an unknown brand?  All I'll do is look.  Anyone heard of these before?

Disney Belle and Frozen stuff at Walgreens

The New-ish Stuff:

Sally Hansen CSM Beachside Astrologer (LE) - shelf display

Shade Names:
Cancer Moon * Leo In Rio * Vir-Go-Go Pink * Lady Libra-ty * Scorpio Sizzle * Plumtarius
Cup O'Capricorn * Age Of Aquarius * Pisces Of Me * Cherries To My Aries * Tempting Taurus * Gemincello

This one's absolutely worth tracking down.  One of the most appealing collections of the season.  Swatches of my picks...soon?

Sally Hansen CSM Beachside Astrologer (LE) - floor display

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - new shades

Shade Names:
? * ? * Aflorable * In Full Blue-m * What In Carnation? * Poof! Be-gonia * Pardon My Garden

Sally Hansen Spring Runway and Bridal Collections - endcap

These are a bit older, and might have come and gone in your area already.  I bought a bunch from the Runway Collection (this year's version of the usual Designer Collections), but they got lost in my allergy haze.  I'm planning on doing a spring catch-up post soon, if I get the chance.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (LE)

Shade Names:
Express Way * Fast Lane * Cruisin' * Licence To Dri * Rush Hour * Green Light * High Speed * Revved Up

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Prints & Shades That POP

Shade Names:
Jam Packed (doesn't belong there) * Bare It All * Babe Blue * All Bright
Mauve Over * Tickled Pink * Giant Peach * Mauve Over 

Something's missing here, and Jam Packed is a core shade that snuck into the display.  It doesn't say whether these are LE or not.

So....thoughts?  Anything else you'd like to see included in a shopping post?  Something seem out of place?  Please let me know!

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