Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sally Hansen Beachside Astrologer

 purchased by me 

The best/worst part of summer is here!  The weather is brutal, but this is when all of the best summer shit happens.  The local fair, The Beard's birthday....watermelon.  Watermelon!  I'm mildly allergic to it and I still eat a ton every summer.  Worth it.  Summer's not exactly my season, but it has its good points.  This year, Sally Hansen's Beachside Astrologer collection goes on that list!

Cancer Moon is a pale beige with fine gold shimmer.

Ugh...I love Cancer Moon, but it's so not mutual!  It ranges from just ok to outright awful on me, depending on the lighting.  On someone who isn't ghostly, it would look perfectly summery.  On me it looks like a corpse at the beach.  Dammit!  The shimmer gives it this sandy look that my elderly camera is completely incapable of catching.  Zoom in to get a bit of the idea.  If you've worn anything from the Dance Legend Smoky collection, imagine that, but gold instead of charcoal.

Here's where I admit that these photos are a couple of months old and that I lost my notes on the application and formula in the shuffle between PGS and here.  Oops!  I don't remember it being bad, which usually sticks in my mind.  I think this is two coats.  Sorry!  Hopefully a photo of the gold shimmer popping in bright light will help you forgive me...

Scorpio Sizzle is a bright blue-toned pink with lots of fuchsia shimmer.

That shimmer!  I knew I'd hate every second of wearing this, because it's sooooooo pink, but I had to see that shimmer on the nail.  Not something I'm gonna keep (Player 4 gets it if Nichole doesn't want it), but if I was a very different person, I'd be in total love with it.  This is two coats, with easy application.

...and I managed to wear it long enough to mattify it...

with OPI Matte Top Coat

Leo In Rio is a red-orange jelly with the faintest hint of gold shimmer.

Catalina dressing.  Once you get past that, it's a beauty!  It's very rorange, leaning more one way or the other depending on the light.  The shimmer is almost invisible, but seems to add some depth.  This is two easy coats.

Pisces Of Me is a frosty teal with blue and gold microfleck shimmer.

Sometimes I buy things because I think they're dupes of something else I have.  Blogger problems.  When I first saw Pisces Of Me, I instantly thought of OPI This Color's Making Waves.  I'd have bet money on them being dupes...but I hadn't seen the OPI in person yet and it turns out I'm wrong.  More on that in a moment.  First, I have to gripe about the formula.  Ugh.  There's something "heavy" about it.  It's almost chalky somehow and feels like it's dragging the coat below it.  Maybe it is, because I got fairly bad bubbling.  I want to love it, especially the blue and copper flecks, but the difficult application and frosty look sour me.  This is two coats.

It's also completely outshone by OPI This Color's Making Waves.

Pisces Of Me vs OPI This Color's Making Waves (on ring)

Everything Pisces does, Waves does better...and it does other things too.  The OPI has a much better formula and the same scattering of copper flecks, isn't frosty, and has a spiffy duochrome shift thrown in as a bonus.  It doesn't have those little blue flecks though.  I'll probably wind up thinning Pisces and giving it a second chance.

Bottom line:  This is one of those collections I kept hovering around whenever I saw it, buying a shade here and there, and contemplating the rest.  The whole thing screams summer!  Pisces Of Me is like a frustrating version of OPI This Color's Making Waves, but they're not dupes.  The other three I tried, I'd absolutely recommend.  Scorpio Sizzle is probably the standout, if you like pink.

This collection's been marked down at Target, to just under $5 each.  There's almost nothing from it left at my local Target, but it's worth checking out if you'd been eyeing anything.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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