Monday, July 6, 2015

Sally Hansen Color Xpression - My Picks

 purchased by me 

There have been a bunch of confusing Sally Hansen displays this year.  Usually they're really good about making LE stuff completely obvious...until recently.  Several collections have said "NEW SHADES" in big letters, but not "limited edition", yet these shades haven't turned up in core displays.  This leaves me wondering about this latest Xtreme Wear display, Color Xpression.  No sign of "limited edition" and the bottles have shade names and numbers on their caps, which LE's in this line usually don't, but we'll have to wait and see if they wind up in the core display or not.  I hope they do.  You can see why...

Bare Hug is a cool beige cream.

Shades like this always catch my eye.  SFW can be a tough restriction when you hate pink as much as I do, but I'll happily wear a greige like this...even if they sorta corpse me out.  The formula's not the best.  I found it gloppy and hard to work with, so I'll probably thin it before wearing it again.  This is two coats.

Dabbler is a soft, somewhat muted blue cream with a faint greenish tinge.

Bit surprised by how much I like Dabbler.  It's got more personality than I was expecting.  The formula's thin, but workable.  This is two coats.

Green Thumb is a grass green crelly.

There's a chance I squeaked out loud when I saw the Color Xpression display...and Green Thumb would be the reason.  Really GREEN green creams aren't the most common thing in the polish world, especially in drugstores, so I'm always happy for a new one.  I looooooove the color, but the formula's on the iffy side.  It has a slightly "squishy" finish and wants to be streaky, plus it bubbled a tiny bit.  This is three coats.   The color's so good that I don't even care if it's a tad bitchy.

Royal Hue is a cornflower blue cream that manages to be soft and vivid at the same time

Once I got past the thrill of spotting Green Thumb, Royal Hue caught my attention next.  When I posted a photo of the display on IG, @mollyscousin echoed my thought almost right away.  Royal Hue isn't a dupe for the old version of Pacific Blue, but my clicky sticks show that it's definitely part of the same "family".  I've heard that it might be similar to Illamasqua Cameo, but I don't have that to compare.  It's got that sulfur smell that all of the most vibrant blues have, which...I'm sorta starting to like.  I can't be alone in that, right?  The formula's on the thick side, but in a good way.  This is two coats.

Bottom line: The blues have the best formulas of the four.  Green Thumb's awesome enough to overlook its thin, streak-prone crelly formula.  Bare Hug could probably use some thinning, but it's the kind of shade I love for work.  I'd recommend all four, with a mild caveat about Green Thumb and Bare Hug's application quirks.  Really hoping these turn out to be core!

Did you try any of these new shades?  I'm tempted to get Orchid Around too...maybe.

all products in this post were purchased by me

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