Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sinful Colors Having A Blast

 purchased by me 

Holy shit.  It's July.  When....?  How...?  This year is whizzing right past me!  It's half over already and we're coming up on the Fourth already.  Sinful Colors has a new festive topper out, along with some "greatest hits" repromotes, in a display called Having A Blast.

Star Blast Off (LE) has red, white, and blue glitter, plus a generous dose of big white stars in a clear-ish base.

over Hot Spot

I write "clear-ish" because the pink tint is probably a little bit of glitter bleed.  It'll be interesting to see how this one looks in a couple of years.  The formula's decent, so I hope the red glitter is stable.  The base is thick, and I had to do some dabbing and placing, but no fishing to get the stars out.  Minor miracle, kinda.  I'm impressed!

Snow Me White (core) is a white cream.

White creams are notoriously troublesome, so I'm always a little wary of trying another one.  I've passed over Snow Me White so many times now that when the recent 99¢ sale came around, I shrugged and bought it.  It's not bad!  The formula's as thick as you'd expect from a white, but I generally prefer thickish over watery.  This is two coats.  I had a bit of bubbling, but nothing catastrophic.  From now on, I think I'll be adding Snow Me White to my recommendations list when people ask for a white cream.

Hot Spot (repromote) is a somewhat frosty navy blue metallic.

Does this remind anyone else of that frosty blue from last summer's OPI MLB collection?  I've had Hot Spot in my stash for ages, picked up during a Walgreens sale in late '12 or early '13.  I didn't notice the low fill line until I got it home, but I'd thrown out the receipt by the time I noticed.  Oh well.  I'm not sure if the bottle was under-filled or left open or what, but I did wind up thinning it before I used it.  Shades like this always want to burst out in brushstrokes, but I didn't have to fight Hot Spot as hard as I expected.  3, strokey, frosty metallic, that opi baseball one

Green Ocean (Walgreens core) has blue-to-green iridescent glitter and shards in a green-tinted base.

over Black On Black

This might be the polish I've swatched the most now.  Third time, I think.  I got a little nervous when someone (I feel awful because I forget who!) on IG told me there was a new formula.  A new bottle came home with me, and side-by-side there is a little difference.  The base is tinted a lighter, bluer green.  On the nail they're pretty much identical, though the glitter in the new one might be slightly denser.

over Black On Black, old version on ring

Ruby Ruby (core) is a red crelly.

Another classic.  Can't beat a red like this.  Timeless!  This is two wonderfully easy coats.

Blue By You (repromote) has intense blue fleck shimmer in a sky blue base.

*gasp*  Somehow I always forget just how gorgeous Blue By You is.  Killer shimmer and eye-catching color always take my breath away.  This is two coats, and the formula is great too.

...and I've got one rerun.  I'll reswatch this eventually too, but I think this one's decent-ish.

Out Of This World (core) is dense white shimmer in a clear base.

Bottom line: The new topper has an impressive formula and a well-balanced mix of glitter.  All of the repromotes are damn good too!

On the way home from my cousin's wedding, I realized I hadn't requested the 4th as a day I probably can't go to a fireworks show.  Dammit.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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