Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It Had To Happen Eventually...

I broke a nail for the first time in ELEVEN MONTHS!  Forty-nine weeks (the new break happened early Saturday morning), if we're being precise.  Never thought I'd have mixed feelings about a broken nail, but here we are...

crappy phone pic - I wasn't home when it happened

On one level, eleven months is a damn long time to go without a break, especially with hypothyroidism.  I'm more than a little thrilled that it was such a long time.  I was really hoping to go a whole year though.

So what happened?  Two things.  Water and flailing, two things you should avoid as much as possible.  The break happened at work.  My phone somehow switched from one podcast to another.  I went to take it out of my pocket, the battery backup went flying, and I whacked that nail on the door of a cabinet trying to catch it.  Flailing is nail doom.  Water is bad news too.  I've been cooking a lot more since I started doing the whole "real food" thing (I've lost 15 pounds! Yay!), so I've had two or three days a week when my hands are wet for an hour or more.  The change in eating habits has been amazing for everything but my nails.  The nail that broke was so soft when it was wet that I could almost touch the tip to the tip of that finger.  I was just about to start painting the undersides again to see if it would help keep enough of the water out to make a difference.  That very afternoon I'd taken some nail nudes.

Nails absorb water much more quickly than skin does, and it can show as clear patches that usually last for a few days until they dry out.  You can see them best when the nails are back-lit.

My right hand is always kind of a mess.  The nails are crooked and/or flat and my skin condition (the name is long and I can never remember it - kinda like eczema, but allergic) is rampant on the index and middle.  It also gets washed more often, which goes double when I'm cooking.  You can kinda see the clear patch on the middle nail even with the wall behind it.

With light behind it you can really see the massive clear patch.

So while I'm kinda sad that it broke, especially so close to a year and while I was trying to grow them out for Halloween, I'm not even a tiny bit surprised.

At least I didn't have to nub!  I had enough length left to keep the almondy shape, which is a relief.

'nother crappy phone pic...I'm lazy

My nails grow fairly quickly, so I'll be decently clawed by the beginning of October...and by Halloween itself they'll probably be back around where they were pre-break.  They're too short to do coffins like I wanted, but...oh well.

Little bit of a blog update for anyone who's still reading...

Partly because of this break, and partly because fall polishes are starting to come out, I'll be doing a few more "Lost Swatches" posts to get all of my unpublished stuff out and also jumping right into fall.  There are a ton of spring and summer polishes that I never got around to, but it's time to get back on track!

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