Saturday, August 29, 2015


Polish bloggers are banding together to show our support for indies.  I don't have a ton, but I figured I'd join in and add my two cents to...well...that discussion.

If you're deep enough into the nail polish community to be reading my little blog, you've heard about the Mentality disaster.  I'm not gonna rehash this already well-discussed topic.  [If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out Ashley Is Polish Addicted for in-depth coverage and/or Lab Muffin for the science angle.]  I've kept fairly quiet about it because a lot about the situation makes me uncomfortable.  On one side, I know I'd be losing my shit if a polish wrecked my nails, and crying bloody murder.  On the other, I originally tried to stay open-minded and sympathetic to the makers of Mentality.  Their awkward, insensitive handling of the crisis killed all of my sympathy a few days ago.  Then there are the public reactions, especially on Mentality's Facebook page.  People can be really brutal, and the truth is that we really don't know exactly what happened.  I can't take joy in the downfall of anyone who wasn't deliberately malicious, and I don't think Mentality set out to ruin nails and kill their business.  What worries me most is the potential fallout in the community.  I'm seeing a lot of concern about whether indie polish (or any polish) is safe.  I've worn or swatched around 1000 polishes in the past three-ish years, and the worst thing I've had to deal with is staining.  While indies are the smallest segment of my collection, I'd be really upset to see any of them end because of one bad brand.  With Mentality being reported to the FDA, I'm also worried that regulations may tighten.  All of this could turn into a big problem for small cosmetics brands.

To reassure the nail polish community, bloggers and Instagrammers have been using #ITrustIndiePolish and #ITrustIndies.  It's a great reminder that the damage Mentality's products caused is unprecedented.  I'm doing my part with some spam of indie favorites.  Calling them favorites doesn't really seem right, because I've never had a bad indie experience.  So, more accurately, here are some of the indies I've swatched and loved.

ILNP Supernova over Sally Hansen Wet Cement

Cult Nails Masquerade (They were my favorite indie. ...sigh...)

Cult Nails Living Water

Darling Diva Ringer Goes Blonde over China Glaze Trendsetter

SoFlaJo The True Death

CrowsToes Huginn & Munnin

Lacquistry Amazeballz over OPI Glitzerland

Nail Pattern Boldness Boop-Oop-A-Dupe over Sinful Colors Steel My Heart

Notice that these are all old PGS swatches?  I'm a bit embarrassed that I haven't posted a single indie on my new blog yet...but then I haven't posted much here at all.  There are so many outstanding indies sitting untried in my stash.  Far from scaring me off indies, this debacle has been a great reminder of how special these brands are.  When indies go right, they make some of the most beautiful, distinctive, and interesting polishes...and they make them with a passion and creativity that big brands almost never match.  Indies almost always go right.  I'd rather focus on all of the good than the tiny bit of bad we've seen recently.  I trust indie polish!

These other bloggers also trust indies, and you should too!

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