Friday, August 7, 2015

Sinful Colors Chalk Board Diaries - My Picks

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Sometimes it seems like polish brands are throwing all of the traditional color rules out the window.  It means more "ugly" colors than ever before, but it also means some headscratching over seasonal color choices.  Today I've got four from an overwhelmingly pastel fall collection as an example.

Chalk It Up is mint green with a soft matte finish.

Yellow-toned greens, man.... Every time!  Chalk It Up is my favorite of my four picks, no question.  There's a retro 60's feel to it.  The soft, satiny finish adds to that.  Lovelovelove!  I do feel like I have a dupe or near-dupe, but I can't figure out what yet.  For now I'm gonna keep loving it, for color, finish, and formula.  Mattes can be draggy or gloppy, but I had no trouble applying this one.  It is a little on the thick side, but I prefer that.  This is two coats.

with topcoat

A-Crush is a powder blue soft matte cream.

Pretty color, but we don't really get along.  A-Crush is pastel enough to corpse me out, but not offbeat enough to make that ok.  It'd be much better on someone cooler-toned and/or less pale.  The formula and finish are similar to Chalk It Up, but I needed three coats this time around.

with topcoat

Truth Or Lavendare is a satiny light purple cream.

less blue in person

If A-Crush was arguing with my coloring, this is an outright battle.  My camera couldn't handle it.  The photos with topcoat came out unusable.  My skin was waxy yellow and the polish was almost blue.  The photo above is close to the right color, but not quite there.  It's a touch warmer.  It reminds me of last year's Prime Purple, but I think Lavendare is cooler and a little lighter.  This is two coats, with a good formula...though I did make the mistake of going over the same spot twice in the last coat on one nail, and it bubbled a little as it dried.

Hazed is a softened fuchsia crelly with a satiny finish.

Somehow I expected Hazed to be darker on the nail than it wound up being.  The crelly finish came as a bit of a surprise, but it works.  It's got a bit of a glow because of that.  This is three coats, with the same easy application as the others.

with topcoat

I just happened to be painting some clicky sticks with recent purchases when I noticed that these Demi Mattes have basically the same finish as the Julie G. Candy Shoppe collection from a few months ago.  More than that, Hazed and Lolli Pop looked reeeeeally similar.  On the nail they're close, but not identical.  Hazed is a touch lighter and Lolli Pop is sheerer.  Still, if you have one you don't need the other.

Hazed vs Julie G. Lolli Pop (on ring)

Not in this post: V.I.Peach, RADiant, Pink Break (WG), Black Board (WG), or White Board (WG)

Bottom line: The finish is about the same as last year's Silk.  All four applied well, which is especially impressive for the lighter colors.  None of the chalkiness you often get with mattes and pastels.

I still haven't found the Walgreens exclusives!  Dammit.  Have you?

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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