Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sunday Shopper - Special Edition

This is too exciting to wait until Sunday!  I found THREE new Sally Hansen fall displays at Wegmans this morning.  They're gorgeous and you need to see them NOW!

Runway Collection: New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 (LE)

Shade names:
Casual Cools - Winter Sky * Concrete Jungle * Lady V * Midnight Affair * Rendez-Nonoo
Fall Jewels -  Yummy Yam * The Last Adventure * Candied Apple * Maasai Red * Spring Moss
Subtle Sheers - Beige Glass * Gold Glass * Rose Glass * Leaf Peeper * Violet Glass

Are you dying over these?  I am!  I always go nuts over the Designer Collection stuff, but this is a whole 'nother level.  It was so hard to keep myself from a buying frenzy, especially since Complete Salon Manicure is on sale at Wegmans right now, but I managed to drag myself away.  I wanna see what the CVS coupons are this weekend and I also kinda want ALL of them.

...especially the front row.  Four of the five have "glass" in the name, and they look like they're probably jellies!  AAAHH!!  The colors in the photo above are awkward, so here's a somewhat more accurate look at the Subtle Sheers:

Fall Into Color (LE)

Shade names:
Femme Feathers * Heritage Red * Out For Oxblood * Fall Flare * Strike Gold * Hard Cider * Boho Blue * Gypsy Jade

I can't read the first shade name.  Sorry about that.  [Thanks, Victoria, for helping me out!]  How stunningly beautiful are these?  I'll be snagging a bunch of them too.

(no name - LE?)

Shade names:
Cream Of The Crop * Tribal Sun * Rhythm & Blue * Totemly Yours * Per-Suede * Terra-coppa * Buffalo Nickle
Rhapsody Red * Tipsy Gypsy * Boho a-Go-Go * Beatnik * Mintage * Fish-teal Braid * Miss Wanderlust

These might be new core shades.  They've been ambiguous about that recently.  As usual for Miracle Gel, these are mostly creams, with a couple of metallics thrown in.

I took these photos at Wegmans, a Northeast grocery chain, but they should probably be in all of the usual big box and drugstores very soon.

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