Sunday, August 30, 2015

The 99¢ Sinful Colors Sale Rides Again

Sinful Colors is 99¢ at Walgreens now through 9/5.  This might be a record.  The last Walgreens 99¢ Sinful Colors sale ended on on the 8th.  That's kinda two in the same month.  I'm starting to come out of my long semi-hiatus and I got a bunch of swatching done, but none of it was Sinful Colors.  That means this spam is actually smaller than the last one and there's nothing new in it.  Yay, right?  Yay for the sale though...and maybe I'll get Rebel Rose and a few others swatched this week to add to this post.  We'll see.  I still haven't found the big display, so that's another maybe for now.  I did find the "Walgreens exclusive" shades at Target of all places.  Now the Halloween collection has started turning up there too.  I haven't seen it myself yet.  Maybe I'll really luck out and find it at Walgreens during this sale.  Maybe. Maybe.  Enough maybes.  I'll see you under the collage.

This spam's smaller than the previous one because I've bumped the spring LE shades out.  I am still seeing some of the Flight Patterns and Citrus Twist shades at stores around me...but one of them still has Halloween '14 stuff, so...yeah.  Spring's time as passed.  Bring on the falloween!

click through the shade names to read my reviews

All About You (new version, core) over Sally Hansen Green Thumb

Amethyst (core)

Anchors Away (summer LE)

Bali Mist (core) over Inkwell (old LE)

Berry Charm (core)

Blue By You (repromote, formerly core)

Blue Sensation (fall LE)

Bright  Lucite (summer repromote)

Call You Later (core) over Happy Ending (core)

Calypso (core)

Charmed (core), over nude

Cinderella (core) over Bright Lucite (repromote)

Cloud 9 (LE repromote)

Copper Pot (summer LE)

Courtney Orange (core)

Curry Up (summer LE repromote)

Daredevil (newest version)

Dream On (new version, core)

Enchanted (core)

Endless Blue (core)

Energetic Red (core)

Fig (core)

Fuji Fuji (summer LE)

GoGo Girl (core)

Gold Medal (core)

Green Ocean (core) over Black On Black (core)

Happy Ending (core) - LED light

Hot Spot (repromote)

Hottie (core) over Endless Blue (core)

Ice Blue (summer LE repromote) over Milani Blue Print

Innocent (core)

Late Night Haute (fall LE) over Blue Sensation

Lavander/Lavender (summer LE repromote)

Let Me Go (core, and its old LE damn-near dupe Rain Song) over nude and black

Let's Meet (new version, core)

Let's Talk (core, not color-accurate)

Maroon Fine (summer LE)

Mauvelous (LE repromote)

Midnight Blue (core)

Navy I Do (spring LE)

Out Of This World (core)

Pink Ansen (summer LE) over Sally Hansen Leo In Rio

Pistache (LE repromote)

Pride (core) over Revlon Wild Violets

Pull Over (summer LE repromote)

Queen Of Beauty (core) over Sugar Sugar (core) - LED lighting

Rise And Shine (core)

Rise And Shine with Mint Apple accent (both core)

Ruby Glisten (core)

Ruby Ruby (core)

Sail La Vie (LE repromote)

Savage (core)

Skylark (core)

Snow Me White (core)

Star Blast-Off (summer LE)

Starry Night (core)

Steel My Heart (LE repromote)

Sugar Sugar (core) - LED lighting

Tempest (core)

Why Not (core)

You Just Wait (core) over Mauve (old LE)

How awesome would it be if this sale became a monthly thing?  We can dream, right?

Also...before I let you go, is Sinful Colors more than $2 at your local Target?  It's something like $2.19 around here.  Makes zero sense.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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