Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Lost Swatches - Part 2

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I'm gonna be un-fun for a moment here and talk about my depression again.  This time it might be good news.  Dunno if it's a recent change or I'd just never noticed it before, but there's a caution on the asthma medicine I was taking.  It may cause or worsen mental health problems.  Holy shit, right?  My doctor confirmed that the timing seemed suspicious, and she took me off the medicine.  It's been a week now, so I'm not really sure if I just happen to feel better this week or if it was a side-effect.  We'll see.  If it wasn't the montelukast, I'll probably be going to a shrink soon.  I need to be a person again.  I've been doing relatively well lately.  I'm eating well (lost about 10 pounds) and I even did some cleaning, both things that I struggle to do when I'm depressed.  Barely felt any anxiety either, even when it would be sorta justified.  It's been nice.  Really hoping it lasts.  If it does, I'll probably start blogging more often...once the house is un-wrecked.  I miss it, but I'd been too down and now I have other things I know I should be doing while I have the momentum.  It'd be nice to do 4 days a week instead of my recent 1-2.  Again, we'll see.'s post...  I've got some more leftover stuff from my spring allergy/depression haze.  Here are The Lost Swatches, part 2...

NYC Lavender Cupcake is a slightly grayed pastel purple cream.

The only note I have for this one is "3", referring to the number of coats needed.  Helpful, past me, really helpful.  If it had been hard to apply, I'd have noted that, so I guess it wasn't bad.  Googling, there seem to be two versions of this shade.  Aside from this In A New York Minute one, there's a pinker Expert Last with the same name.  I have no idea how to end this blurb, so I'm just gonna move on to the next one.

Sally Hansen Jam Packed has black, blue, and mauve hex glitter and fine purple glitter in a clear base.

over NYC Lavender Cupcake

This is a new core shade...or it was new when I bought it in maybe February.  The color mix makes it tough to pick out a base, since there are both light and dark in there.  I didn't love this pairing, which is why it never got its own post.  It applied nicely.  They really seem to have unfucked the glitter base for this like.  Hooray!

Sally Hansen Cutepillar is a softened teal cream.

Three polishes in before I can drop a collection name.  The Xtreme Wear spring collection, called Colors That Soar, had a butterfly theme.  Cutepillar feels like it should have another "R" in it, right?  This way just sounds like "oh, what a cute pillar"...but whatever.  Love the color!  The formula's on the runny side and needed three coats to even out slight streaking.

OPI Going My Way or Norway is a camel brown cream.

Could sworn I'd posted this before, but looking over my initial picks last fall...nope!  I adore the color, and I'll probably wear it again in the fall.  It's one of those flawless two-coat OPI creams and SFW, but still interesting.

Milani Sardinia has dense pearly and gold flecks in a clear base.

over OPI Going My way Or Norway?

After wearing it over Sally Hansen Sheer Force, I wanted to see what Sardinia looked like over a (realtively) darker color.  I like it more over over the off-white, but this isn't bad.  This is one sparing coat, because this shit is dense.

over OPI Going My Way or Norway?

There are still a few more lingering swatches from way back, so there will probably be a part three.  I also want to start doing Throwback Thursday again, because I have been on a serious lucky streak for HTF/vintage lemmings.  Maybe this week, maybe not.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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