Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Stampy Spam

More "lost" stuff from spring/summer, but this time it's stamping!

This first one is from forever ago...

Notice my icky old watermark?  I think I've gotten better at color correction too.  I look sorta blue here.  The Dance Legend Aquarelle tints look awesome though.  They always do.  I love them so much I bought all of them, even the pink ones.  For this leadlighting I think I used Rafael, Botticelli, Chagall, Sisley, and Levitan.  The base is Milani Sardinia, stamped with Cult Nails Nevermore using the Cheeky Nails Princess Charming plate.

Next is a little lizardy something...

This is Sally Hansen Coat Of Arms over RBL Scrangie 2.0, using UberChic 3-02.  It reminds me of a snake's belly scales, which are bigger and smoother than the rest.

I did a bit of Indian-inspired stamping that never quite made it into my Sinful Colors Bombay Nights post.

The base is Copper Pot, stamped with Mundo de Unas Brown.  I used UberChic's 3-01 plate.  I'm super impressed with the crispness of these plates and polishes both, but Mundo de Unas polishes smell...odd.  It's a strong, headachy smell, unlike any other polish I've ever encountered.  Can't argue with the results though.

The name I thought up for this next one was "kaboom"...

Mundo de Unas again, Red this time.  Just as stunningly perfect.  Just as overpoweringly smelly.  The base is Sinful Colors Maroon Fine.  The image is from Gogo Only St. Merry.  I bought Gogo Only's (or is it Gogoonly? Go Go Only? I'm not sure!) first two plates and they're good!  I'm surprised that you don't see the brand mentioned more often.

Bringing it to a close with some more a moment...

Little touch of holo here.  Jade Psicodelica has a strong flame in direct sunlight, but I hate going outside when it's sunny.  Maybe that's why I prefer duo/multichromes over holos.  Anyway...this is Psicodelica over Sally Hansen Bare Hug.  The stamping is Cult Nails Nevermore, using BP-L003 from Born Pretty Store.  (Which I actually bought on eBay, because sometimes the price is lower.)  I tried going to the front door to see if I could bring out the holo flame a bit more.  No fucking dice.

they finally re-painted our nasty door shortly after this

Using my smallest dotting tool, I leadlighted the thinner zigzags with Dance Legend Levitan.

The door sunlight helped a bit more on a second try.

I was persistant, chasing that flame.


Kinda better in the kitchen...

In the end, I gave up and used the Ikea Jansjo desk lamp I paint my nails under.  Finally, flames!  (And a heavy dose of color correction!)

The flame, boss!  The flame!

Looking back at these makes me wanna stamp ALL the manis.  I do have one little smidge of stamping coming up in a post you'll see shortly.  Also, I have to shout the praises of the Creative Shop stamper.  Any interest in seeing it compared to the other stampers I have?

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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