Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Shopper - 9/20 through 9/26

Feels like I haven't done one of these in forever...because I kinda haven't.  There's an awkward catch-22 in my shopping life lately.  I've started using the fitness center at work after my shift ends.  This means I'm out and about when the stores are actually open, but because I prefer to shower at home, I've been shopping in my workout clothes...with my phone strapped to my arm.  Makes it completely impossible to take photos.  I did a lot of "oh, I'll take a photo later" for stuff I haven't seen when again when my phone's been handy.  If I'd spotted anything really exciting, I'd have wrestled it out of the holder, so it's not like I'm mad at myself.  This post is big enough anyway, because there's a shit ton of Halloween stuff in it.  "Regular" stuff first....

The HOT Sales:

CVS - Big week for ExtraBucks on Sally HansenL'OrealCoverGirl, and Maybelline.
Rite Aid - 40% off Wet n Wild (Fantasy Makers probably not included.)
Walgreens - BOGO50 on Wet n Wild (Fantasy Makers probably not included.)

New Sightings:

Sally Hansen Fall '15 Runway Collection (LE) combo shelf display

If you're still looking for the two new Runway Collections, keep your eyes peeled for this combo display too.  It turned up at one of the CVS's in my area, still the only one that has it, so don't worry if you haven't found it yet.  I've posted about Beige Glass and Gold Glass already and I picked up a few more now that I could finally earn ExtraBucks for them.  There's another deal on this week too!

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme (LE)

When my favorite CVS replaced their Milani display with e.l.f, I worried because that's where I used to find LE Milani displays.  My concerns were erased when I spotted this there.  Yay!  It's picked over and hidden on a low shelf, but it's there!  There's also a BOGO50 deal this week....which isn't as good as the 30% off coupon they emailed me.  Oh well.

SinfulShine at Rite Aid

Sometimes I'm really dumb.  I was begging you guys to let me know what's in the new SinfulShine top coat, but when I found it I completely forgot to look.  *facepalm*  Still, I'm happy to see it somewhere other than Walmart (boo hiss) and I'll probably pick some up eventually to see how it is.  Not sure if Rite Aid will be getting a wider core selection or just this little shelf dealie.  Also not sure why they put it in the Halloween isle.  The motives of Rite Aid employees confound me sometimes.  [Prosecco isn't in this display.]

Sinful Colors Oh Snap! (LE)

Shade names: Rose Dust * Plum Luck * Antique Your Interest * No Filter * Ink Positive * Retro Rosie * Purple Haze

All of these are either new or LE repromotes!  How awesome is that?  I've got my picks from this collection about half-way swatched, so I should have a post for them up this week.  I lucked into finding them during the last Walgreens sale, but they were crammed into the Tokyo Lights endcap.  Ugh.  I wanna pinch whoever did that.  Almost didn't see them!

Halloween Sightings:

Gotta far I'm not blown away by any of this year's Halloween stuff.  Almost everything I've found so far feels really ho-hum and samey.

Fantasy Makers endcap at Rite Aid

Aside from color mascaras, haven't we seen all of this before?  No little jars of holo glitter or shimmer powder this time around, it seems.  The real disappointment for me is the nail polish.  White, black, vampy red, and glow.  Yaaaaaawn.

Fantasy Makers endcap at Walgreens

...and those aren't even in the Walgreens display I found!  Dunno if this is standard or if the WildShines are just filling in for the tombstone bottles at this one location.  Also, does it look like part of the display is missing?  The back of it looks weird to me.

Phantom Frights - glitters

I have seriously mixed feelings about these.  For starters, these don't seem to be made by Blue Cross, the company that made the round pumpkin/snowman polishes for Rite Aid.  Then there's the polish itself...

The black and white skull and crossbones mix is cute.  Pink and red ones are...odd.  Don't they seem sparse though?  Especially for $3.99.  I'll probably be skipping these, unless there's a really good sale.

Phantom Frights - Glow in the Dark

These settled like a mofo, didn't they?

Phantom Frights - misc.

The third Phantom Frights display has a serious hodgepodge of things.  I couldn't really tell what everything was, since it's up on a high shelf, but again...I'm not really impressed by what I could see.

Kiss Beautifully Wicked

Here's something cute though...  Look at the stickers!

Fright Night Get Your LASH On!

The little bows on the Fairy Witch lashes are adorable, aren't they?

Fright Night Wicked Looks

Fuzzy press-ons!  Ha!  I sorta weirdly love that idea.

Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill

Nothing new in this bunch, but Splatter Spell is back!  There's another display, called You Glow Girl that does have some new stuff, and the return of Cauldron Couture.  I spotted that, but didn't take a photo...and when I came back it was really picked over.  Oh well.  There's supposedly a big endcap or floor display coming too.  I know one's been spotted at Target, but I haven't seen it yet.

Bonita Nail-O-Ween gift set

Wasn't this out last year too?  Or was that just really similar?  Cute either way.

I'm not completely let down by the Halloween stuff, and I haven't found the Wet n Wild stuff at Walgreens yet.  Not for lack of looking, especially with the BOGO50 going on.  The ad says it ends 9/26, but the tags on the display said either 10/3 or 10/10, I forget.  I bought two of the fall shadow palettes yesterday and my total was $6.66.  Hehe.

How are you feeling about this year's Halloween offerings so far?

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