Monday, October 5, 2015

Bride Of Sinful Colors Sale Spam

These sales are starting to happen so often that I'm running out of titles!  This is three in the past 10-ish weeks now, I think.  How awesome is that?  This current sale runs through 10/10/15 and doesn't include SinfulShine, which is coming back at its original $2.99.  There are a bunch of fall and Halloween collections out now, so this is good timing.

I'm still seeing some of the summer collections lingering around, but I took Having A Blast out of the spam, since I haven't seen that display in weeks.  Bombay Nights and Tokyo Lights are still hanging around a few of the stores I've been to, so I've left those shades in.

 Based on the Sinful Colors site, I'm thinking that Walgreens will be getting a big Halloween Dressed To Kill or You Glow Girl display...but the big Chalkboard Diaries one with "Walgreens exclusives" turned up at Target instead.  G. of Nouveau cheap posted a sighting there back in August, so who knows if Walgreens will be getting Devil's Stare or High Spirits.  I've only found a small shelf version of Dressed To Kill so far.  Skele-bration is in my basket to be swatched, and hopefully the rest will join it by the end of the week.

Current collections:
Dressed To Kill
You Glow Girl
Truly Madly Sparkly
Oh Snap!

Recent-ish collections:
Chalkboard Diaries
All Nighter
Play It Cool
Tokyo Lights
Bombay Nights
Latin Heat
Urban Beats
...and now, the swatches....

click through the shade names to read my reviews

A-Crush (fall LE)

All About You (new version, core) over Sally Hansen Green Thumb

Amethyst (core)

Anchors Away (summer LE repromote)

Antique Your Interest (fall LE)

Aubergine (Halloween LE repromote)

Bali Mist (core) over Inkwell (old LE)

Berry Charm (core)

Blue By You (summer repromote, formerly core)

Blue Sensation (fall LE)

Bright  Lucite (summer LE repromote)

Call You Later (core) over Happy Ending (core)

Calypso (core)

Cauldron Couture (Halloween LE repromote) over Sation Miss Emo Shun All

Chalk It Up (fall LE)

Charmed (core), over nude

Cinderella (core) over Bright Lucite (repromote)

Cloud 9 (Halloween LE repromote)

Copper Pot (summer LE/Halloween repromote)

Courtney Orange (core)

Curry Up (summer LE repromote)

Daredevil (newest version)

Dream On (new version, core)

Enchanted (core)

Endless Blue (core)

Energetic Red (core)

Fig (core)

Fuji Fuji (summer LE)

GoGo Girl (core)

Gold Medal (core)

Green Ocean (core) over Black On Black (core)

Happy Ending (core) - LED light

Hazed (fall LE)

Hottie (core) over Endless Blue (core)

Ice Blue (summer LE repromote) over Milani Blue Print

Ink Positive (fall LE)

Innocent (core)

Late Night Haute (fall LE) over Blue Sensation

Lavander/Lavender (summer LE repromote)

Let Me Go (core, and its old LE damn-near dupe Rain Song) over nude and black

Let's Meet (new version, core)

Let's Talk (core, not color-accurate)

Maroon Fine (summer LE)

Midnight Blue (core)

No Filter (fall LE)

Out Of This World (core)

Pink Ansen (summer LE) over Sally Hansen Leo In Rio

Pistache (summer LE repromote)

Plum Luck (fall LE)

Pride (core) over Revlon Wild Violets

Pull Over (summer LE repromote)

Purple Haze (fall LE)

Queen Of Beauty (core) over Sugar Sugar (core) - LED lighting

Rise And Shine (core)

Rise And Shine with Mint Apple accent (both core)

Rose Dust (fall LE)

Ruby Glisten (core)

Ruby Ruby (core)

Sail La Vie (summer LE repromote)

Savage (core)

Skylark (core)

Snow Me White (core)

Splatter Spell (Halloween LE repromote) over Wet n Wild Roadwork

Starry Night (core)

Steel My Heart (LE repromote)

Sugar Sugar (core) - LED lighting

Tempest (core)

Truth Or Lavendare (fall LE)

Why Not (core)

You Just Wait (core) over Mauve (old LE)

Some of these are scary old...and just plain scary, aren't they?  Spam posts always make me want to reswatch everything up until maybe the end of last year.  Maybe next time the Walgreens core gets redone, I'll redo my swatches too.  It's a thought.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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