Saturday, October 31, 2015

Funky Fingers R U Afraid Of The Dark?

 purchased by me 

Happy Halloween!  It is still technically Halloween here.  I've got one last October post to sneak in under the wire.  Five Below has a few Funky Fingers glow/glitter polishes out right now.  I bought three, but only wound up swatching one.  Here's where I admit that I mostly bought the others because of the pricing.  They're 2/$5 instead of the regular 3/$5, but that's still a great deal...especially once you see this...

R U Afraid Of The Dark has a dusty blue base, matte black and green glitter in various sizes, and a green glow.

over Revlon Surf

How cool is this!?  This is two coats over Revlon Surf.  The glitter bunches together as you apply it, but it can be coaxed and dabbed fairly easily for a more even look.  I tried it out on its own, but it works better with undies.  Putting it over something as dark as Surf was a risk, but it matched the base of RU so well that I went for it.  When I saw it under blacklight I was kinda worried....


The green glitter glows more than the base under blacklight, and the base still looks bluish.

In the dark it's a whole other story...


Mindblowing!  I was so thrilled with it that I showed Player 4 and he went "WOW!"  Such a bright glow from a darker polish is really unexpected and impressive.  Another instant favorite!

Bottom line: Very very yes!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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