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Sinful Colors You Glow Girl - My Picks

 purchased by me 

At last!  The collection I almost gave up on finding!  If not for Jennifer (macleod07fj on Instagram), I'd have missed it completely.  She saw me gripe about not being able to find the full version of this collection and gave me an amazing tip.  Walgreens sales associates can look items up by UPC!  She sent me the UPC's for the shades I couldn't find, and some very patient Walgreens staff helped me figure out which stores got this collection.  I'm passing it on in the form of a huge UPC list.  It's still a work in progress, but it's fairly complete and maybe it'll help you find this collection.  Trust me, you'll want to!

There are two new glow shades and three non-glowing.  I've also FINALLY gotten around to swatching the Glow In The Dark topper, and there are a handful of reruns too.  Let's start things off simple...

High Spirits is a deep plum cream.

Monday's undies!  As I mentioned there, Devil's Stare reddens it a bit.  On its own High Spirits is plummy and borderline vampy.  It's deep, but not brooding and never came close to looking black on me.  The formula is fairly standard for Sinful Colors creams, thick and a little floody, but very workable.  This is two coats.

Devil's Stare is a firecracker red jelly with glitter and shards.

one coat over High Spirits

If you like Green Ocean, you need Devil's Stare.  I don't own Red Ocean (not for lack of wanting), but I'm 99% sure they're not dupes.  Devil's Stare is more pigmented and has a warmer, brighter look.  It works well as a topper, but it's also buildable enough to wear on its own...and you should.

It's like a candy apple on fire or a Murano glass piece or something.  It reminds me a little of the shattered glass trend.  Mindblowingly gorgeous!  This is three coats, which go on thick, but don't clump or bunch.

Because of the jelly base, it has incredible depth and changes with the light.

With matte top coat it looks pinker, but still fiery and intense.

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Stone Cold has a cool medium gray base with white shimmer and black matte glitter.

Granitey goodness!  This was the one I needed, and I love it just as much as I'd hoped I would.  It's on the thick side, but also sheerish.  It took four coats to build, but the sheerness also gives it depth.

Adding matte topcoat makes it look even more like stone.

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Skele-bration has a blue-green tint and large, black skull and crossbones glitter.  It glows green.

two coats over Essie Mojito Madness

I know they're supposed to be skull and crossbones, but to me these glitters look like big-headed people doing jumping jacks.  Beyond that, this polish needs...something.  The glitters are few and far between, and it takes a lot of fishing to get them out and place them.  They also sink straight to the bottom.  Shimmer or microglitter would have helped make up for that. and given the polish more visual interest.  I'm not wowed.  It's just ok.


The glow is strong enough that it still worked well over a decently pigmented base color.


Gone Batty is another glowing shade, sky blue with silver holo moons.  It also glows green.

two coats over Barielle Swizzle Stix

All of the same issues as Skele-bration, but with moons.  Some silver or white shimmer would have given it some more oomph.


The glow didn't seem to be as strong as the others.  I'm not sure if it's the base I used or the polish itself.  I couldn't get a clear shot in the dark.


Glow In The Dark is a green glow topper.

two coats over China Glaze S'more Fun

There are two things I want in a "clear" glow topper.  I want it to change the base as little as possible and I want it to glow like crazy.  We're good on the first point, but what about the glow?


It's kinda patchy in the photos, but that's less noticeable in person. I'm impressed!


Rerun time!  Mostly core, but Aubergine hasn't shown up too often recently and Copper Pot is back.  (Rich In Heart [core at Rite Aid] and Black On Black are also in this display, but I ran out of swatching time.)  Click the shade names to see the original posts.

Snow Me White

Ruby Ruby

Copper Pot

Cloud 9

Courtney Orange

Starry Night


Let's Talk

not color accurate

I also tacked on one shade that's in the smaller Dressed To Kill shelf display, but not in You Glow Girl.  It was a surprise favorite of mine from last year's collection.

Splatter Spell

Bottom line: This might be my favorite Sinful Colors collection of the whole year!  Stone Cold and Devil's Stare are both must haves.  Skele-bration and Gone Batty could have been better, but it is cool to see unusual glitter shapes in drugstore polish.

I wish they'd released this collection more widely!  Hope you can find it if you haven't yet!

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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