Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Shopper - 10/11 through 10/17

Two weeks in a row!  This is the best time of the year for drugstore makeup fans, isn't it?  Three "seasons" converge in October.  Fall is going strong, Halloween is EVERYWHERE, and xmas is sneaking in.  This shopper isn't as big as last week's but I did find some interesting stuff in my travels.  I went beyond my usual drugstore haunts this time.  I almost entirely struck out as far as last week's Sinful Colors sale at Walgreens went, but there's a BOGO free at Rite Aid this week!  Awesome!  This is a strong week for sales all around...

The HOT Sales:

CVS - ExtraBucks deals on Sally Hansen, Revlon, CoverGirl, Maybelline, and L'Oreal. BOGO50% on Milani and NYX.

Rite Aid - 40% off Revlon and Physicians Formula, BOGO50% off Halloween cosmetics, BOGO50% on Jessie's Girl/Julie G/Bonita, BOGOFree on Sinful Colors.

Walgreens - BOGO50% on Maybelline, L'Oreal, and Revlon.

New Stuff:

Funky Fingers Star Wars (LE)

Shade names:
Use The Force * Oh Be One
Frozen And Carbonite * It's A Trap

I went into Five Below on a whim and found four new Funky Fingers Star Wars polishes! They're more exciting than CoverGirl's Star Wars yawnfest, that's for sure.  I wound up getting Frozen And Carbonite (and?) and It's A Trap.  You'll see them on here at some point.  I almost went with Use The Force too, but I decided against bar glitter.  I have no idea what this collection is actually called because the store didn't have signage for it and it's not on the Five Below site yet.

Halloween Stuff:

Fantasy Makers Jewel-Toned Metallic Lipsticks (LE)

Shade names:
Gunmetal * Midnight Blue * Deep Purple

When I saw these, I literally did a double take.  Blue lipstick in Target!!  Aaaaah!!  I bought all three and will swatch them ASAP.

Fantasy Makers Fa-Boo-Lash! (LE)

I don't wear false lashes, but I still almost bought Mysterious because they're gorgeous.

House Of Holland If You've Got It, Haunt It! (LE)

I don't wear false nails either, but I love the look of these.  I kinda want to do a gradient french like the display art now.  They're about the length of my natural nails too.

Newish Stuff:

Wet n Wild We're The Wild Cats! (LE)

Shade names:
Naughty And Niced * Los Feliz Navidad * Garnet! My Heel Broke
Bring The 'Pagne * Where My Ho Ho Hos At? * Holiday Spirits And Wine

Color Icon in a Spoiled bottle?  Ok then.  I haven't bought my picks from this collection yet, but there are a few I'm eyeing.  I'd love to see recommendations/caveats if you have any.

Wet n Wild We're The Wild Cats! (LE)

More temptation.  I have a serious Wet n Wild palette problem, even though I rarely wear (or swatch) makeup these days.

Sinful Colors Truly Madly Sparkly (LE - Rite Aid)

Shade names:
Let's Talk * Hit The Dance Glow * Teal Midnight * Let Me Go * Palm Breezy * Tokyo Pearl * Amethyst * Moss Have
My first sighting of the Rite Aid version of this collection.  Walgreens definitely got the better bunch, but I'm happy to see an old shade return.  Moss Have was one of the first polishes I ever swatched.  Now I have an excuse to reswatch it and a few others.

JCP Nail Bar

I'd heard about this, but I rarely go to JCP, so this was my first time seeing it in person.  I didn't buy anything, but it was cool to see Morgan Taylor polishes.  My first in-person sighting of those too.  They have a permanent BTGO deal, which is cool.

Profusion Feline Lip Lustre

Shade names:
Meow * Whiskers * Prowl * Cheshire * Purr * Lick Me
If you went looking for these at Walgreens months ago and never found them, try Ross Dress For Less.  I have Prowl and Cheshire.  Prowl is so-so, but Cheshire's great!  I almost bought this so I could try the other four.

xmas stuff:

So far my xmas sightings (aside from the Wet n Wild collections) have all been gift sets.  I found a bunch more at Walgreens.  If you missed last week's shopper, check it out for even more sets.

L.A. Colors Polish Mania (Walgreens)

How cute is this year's set?  It's minis of a lot of the shades they have at Dollar Tree (including what I think might be Fruity), with a few more that I'm not sure I've seen before.  There are also french tip guides, an instruction booklet, and stencils.  This would be a fantastic gift for a teen/preteen girl just getting into nail art.

L.A. Colors (Walgreens)

I knew there had to be more nail sets!  They're similar to gifts we've seen from L.A. Colors before, but with an even stronger focus on nail art.  The stud and rhinestone sets even come with a placing tool.

Wet n Wild Holiday Collection (Walgreens)

The Wet n Wild sets I showed you guys last week showed up in this big tower, and they brought friends!  There are at least ten different sets, with a really wide and complete range of offerings.

That's all for this week, but something tells me it won't be too long until I'm posting another one.

While I still have you... Did you hit up the Sinful Colors sale at Walgreens last week?  How was your luck?  Mine stuuuuuunk.

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