Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Shopper - 10/18 through 10/24

There's nothing quite like making one last stop on a long shopping trip and stopping dead in your tracks because you see something you hadn't even seen online first.  I had one of those moments yesterday.  Sales first though...

The HOT Sales:

CVS - Nothing amazing, but plenty of ExtraBucks deals, plus BOGO on MUA.
Rite Aid - 40% off Wet n Wild, L'Oreal, and Almay.
Walgreens - A bunch of BOGO50% deals.

New Stuff:

Sinful Colors The Finishing Touch! (LE* - Walgreens)

It's a good thing I shop alone most of the time, because I don't know anyone locally who wouldn't have rolled their eyes at my glee and excitement when I found this display yesterday.   There are six new shades, along with some core and repromoted stuff.  Three of the foils from the '13 Decorate Decadently collection are back.  So is last year's Steel My Heart, which is probably my favorite pink.  Let's take a closer look at the rows, then I have some closeups of the new shades below.

Shade names (new shades underlined):
Holiday Rebel * Casablanca * Ice Dream * Velvet Ribbon * Green Ocean * Star Studded * Velvet Ribbon
Holiday Rebel * Twilight Twinkles * Ice Dream * Gogo Girl * Gold Medal * Touch Of Class * Velvet Ribbon

Shade names (new shades underlined):
Flake Out * Silver Crush * Decadent * Steel My Heart * Star Studded * Green Ocean * Silver Crush
Flake Out * Touch Of Class * Gold Medal * Gogo Girl * Sugar Sugar * Purple Heart * Pine Away * Snow Me White

Shade names (new shades underlined):
Ruby Glisten * Gold Medal * Velvet Ribbon * Red Eye * It's A Wrap * Snow Me White * Blue By You * Pride
Gold Medal * Gilded * Velvet Ribbon * Ruby Glisten * Gilded * Steel My Heart * Red Eye

I counted six new shades, and here they are...

Velvet Rope has an intense glow that reminds me of China Glaze's fleck shimmers or that Zoya's Ignite collection. Star Studded has gold shimmer and silver glitter, including a scattering of stars.

Touch Of Class is light gray with fuchsia shimmer. It might be dupey for OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It. Flake Out has silver shimmer, Blue glitter, and silver holo snowflakes. Silver Crush has a TON of big silver squares mixed in with smaller glitter.

I almost missed It's A Wrap because it's only a touch lighter and brighter than Gold Medal.

So far I've gotten Touch Of Class, Velvet Rope, and Star Studded.  I want ALL of the new ones, but I'm gonna wait and see if they do another 99¢ sale in early November.

Halloween Stuff:

Sinful Colors You Glow Girl (LE* - Walgreens)

AAAAAH!!  Finally!!  I was worried I'd never find this display.  I grumped about it in a comment on one of the brand's IG posts.  Jennifer (macleod07fj on Instagram) let me know that Walgreens associates can check the stock at other locations if you have the UPC.  She even DM'ed me the UPC's!  She's that awesome!  I had someone at Walgreens check them for me and a store only slightly farther south than I usually go had them!  HOORAY!!  I'm now the delighted owner of Stone Cold, Devil's Stare, Go Batty, and High Spirits.  Thanks again, Jennifer!

I'll be setting up a page on the blog as a repository for Sinful Colors UPC codes soon, to help you track down elusive exclusives too.  MUA/IG user velvetfrogg (how great is that name!?) is going to get me at least some of the Walgreens item codes too, to make it even easier!

The store that had the endcap had the corner display too, but it was really picked over.

I want that big ring on the hand model's middle finger!  Weird that they changed the color, but I like the purple way more.

Eyelure Have A Beautiful Halloween (LE - Walgreens)

I hadn't seen these before.  The Walgreens Halloween cosmetics selection really seems to vary from one location to another this year.

xmas stuff:

Rimmel Royal Plush (LE)

Polish shade names:
Queen Of Bling * Mistletoe Mischief * All Glittered Up * Tinsel Toes * A Crush On You

I found this display at Kmart, but it should be turning up more widely pretty soon.  All of the polishes are shard toppers, along the lines of the ones Sally Hansen had last fall.  They're both Coty brands, so maybe that's not a coincidence.

Ornaments (LE - Rite Aid)

The snowman head polishes at Rite Aid this year are made by the same "this isn't Blue Cross Cosmetics" brand as the pumpkins.  Similar to those, there's a display of just polishes and another display with a mix of items. cream cone snowman heads?...are scented polishes.  Oh boy.

Stocking Stuffers (LE - Walgreens)

The same Walgreens that had the The Finishing Touch display was also setting up this familiar stocking stuffer endcap.  They hadn't finished stocking it (ha ha) yet, but it looks like it has the same type of offerings as previous years...shower gel, cutesy purse accessories, a smattering of nail stuff, etc.  The price has increased a little.  Nothing is $1 this year.  It's all $2 each or 4/$5.  I haven't been tempted by what I've seen in there so far, but who knows what else is going in?  I'll post a full display once I find one.

Sinful Colors Glitz And Garlands (LE* - Rite Aid)

Shade names:
Blue By You * Call You Later Sugar Sugar * Queen Of Beauty * Snow Me White * Pine Away(?) * Gilded * Holiday Rebel

Am I nuts or was this same display out last year too?

New-ish Stuff:

Revlon The Fiery Temptress (core)

Shade names:
Untamed * Uninhibited

You've probably seen this display for yourself by now, but I figured I might as well add it.  I'll be buying Untamed when the price is right, but these will be going into the core display, so there's no rush.

J. Cat Beauty Summer Beach Bronze (LE - Ulta)

I have absolutely no idea how old this display is, but man I wish I'd found it sooner!  I probably would have picked up a couple of the lip colors, but they're not sealed and they looked like they'd been toyed with. *whimper*

Totally not makeup related, but I saw something in Walgreens that made me chuckle.

Look! Mini childrens...err..cauldrons...  Curse you, spell check!

With xmas collections starting to come out, I'm getting a bit excited to see what else will turn up.  I know it's not even Halloween yet, but I can't help myself...the sparkles...

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