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Sunday Shopper - 10/4 through 10/10

There was enough new stuff in my local drugstores for me to post one of these last week, but I had to go and turn 33.  I was off celebrating.  Since then I've found SO MUCH STUFF!!  This post is going up late so it can include a bunch of fresh finds from this morning.  First though...the weekly sales...and -that- sale is back already!  I'll have update spam up tomorrow.  Here's the previous one and my Oh Snap! post.  If the weather and life let me, I'll have a bunch to add by the end of the week.  Anyway....the Shopper...

The HOT Sales:

CVS - Good ExtraBucks deals on CoverGirl, Maybelline, and L'Oréal.
Rite Aid - 40% off Neutrogena. (page 2)
Walgreens - 99¢ Sinful Colors!! AGAIN!! (page 18) Sally Hansen BOGO50 too.

New Stuff:

Sally Hansen Mani In A Minute (LE*)

shade names:
Misty Rose * Grape Shifter * Wicked Wine * Wild Iris * Emerald Express
Orange Zest * Cerise Spark * Black To Black * Mauvelous * Rapid Red

It's a little strange that this display says "Limited Edition" because several of these shades (and all of the pens and stripers, I think) are in the core display.  This big version was down on a low shelf in the dark at a local CVS, but I spotted the smaller version at Wegmans and the colors came out a bit more accurate.

shade names:
Misty Rose * Mauvelous * Wicked Wine * Wicked Wine * Wild Iris * Cerise Spark * Cerise Spark * Emerald Express

Sorry if anyone got excited at what looked like a white shade.  It's faintly pink.  What you should be excited about is that green.  I almost gave in and bought a bottle right away, especially with that coupon, but I'm waiting for the best always.

Bonita Forget Me Not (LE)

shade names:
Golden Girl * Tinman's Brew * Mo' Money * Do The Flamingo * You're My Lobster * Forget Me Not

Bonita's one of those brands I keep almost buying.  I've had maybe a dozen of their shades in my hand at one point or another on various Rite Aid visits, but somehow they never make it to the register with me.  I have no clue if this is a fall or xmas collection, but the colors really caught my eye.  Didn't buy any, but I sure noticed the fuck out of them.

Bonita Gel-On Fall '15 (LE)

shade names:
One And Only * Tech Savvy * Feelin' Lucky * Hollywood High-Rise * Purple Craze * Bleau Bar

Another bunch that I perused intently, but didn't buy.  I did the same with the previous bunch of Gel-On shades.  I should give in someday and just buy a few.  I know Nkem of Another Bottle Of Polish likes Bonita, and she's got impeccable taste.

L'Oréal Chateau Royale (LE)

shade names:
Vineyard Blush * Wine Spritzer * High Spirits * Pinot Purple * Wicked Wine * Sangria Splash * Pass The Vino

Every time a brand puts out a wine-themed collection, I always wonder why there's no greenish yellow like white wine.  It's always reds, pinks, and purples.  Complaints and sighs aside, I might need Pinot Purple.  Maybe.

Sinful Colors Truly Madly Sparkly (LE - Walgreens exclusive shades)

shade names:
Starlet Fever * Hit The Dance Glow * Snow And Teal * Palm Breezy * Teal Midight * Teal Midnight * Interstellar * Just Glisten

I wonder where they put Let Me Go.  This display was sorta a mess.  They'd taken some of the shades out and put them on the end of the cosmetics cashwrap.  If you shop at Walgreens, you probably know exactly what I mean, with the scarf and everything.  But hey...I found it!  At least they weren't hidden in an older display.  The Beard didn't even gripe when I bought two, Teal Midnight and Interstellar, since it was (almost) my birthday.  Now that the sale's back, I might snag a couple more.  He did laugh at me when I squeaked because I found it, and he rolled his eyes when I took photos.  It's a side of me he doesn't see often.

Halloween Stuff:

Wet n Wild Beautifully Wicked (LE - Walgreens exclusives)

Found it!  Now I'm kicking myself for not getting to this Walgreens yesterday while the BOGO50 was still on.  I only bought Embellish Minted, the green polish, but there's a LOT of temptation here.

Here's a closeup of the goods...

Disney Villains (LE - Walgreens exclusives)

Walgreens is all about the Disney stuff this year, aren't they?  The Villains collection has the usual e.l.f. makeup, Orly Color Blast polishes, makeup bags, etc.

I've said it before...Color Blasts are overpriced.  They're only 0.37 ounces and they're $6.99 each.  Orly itself retails for around $8 and the bottles are 0.5 ounces.  The one on the upper right is a rebottling of Orly Space Cadet, but you're probably better off buying a full size of the original online.

The e.l.f. stuff is bolder, brighter colors than you'd expect, but there's a good variety of products and shades.

Incoco Spooktacular (LE?)

Bats, pumpkins, spiders, and skulls!  Cute!

New-ish Stuff:

SinfulShine at Walgreens

Look! Prosecco!  The Rite Aid display doesn't have it, but the Walgreens version does.  Yay!  I know a ton of people were desperate for this shade.

CoverGirl Star Wars Dark Apprentice (LE)

See all of the shade names on the CoverGirl site.

*sigh*  This.  I've whined enough already. just could have been so much cooler...

CoverGirl Star Wars Jedi (LE)

See all of the shade names on the CoverGirl site.

Wet n Wild Here's To The Wild Ones! (LE)

Such a great collection!  I wound up with a little bit of everything.  The eyeshadow and lipstick might wind up swatched on here eventually, but I did I Moss Have It! pretty much right away.

polish shade names:
Stop And Mel-the-Roses * Gettin' Inked * Pop-up Bluetique * Keep Vinyl Alive * Thrift Shopaholic * I Moss Have It

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty (LE and core)

Dunno if this display at Ulta is new or not, since I don't get there often.  Some of these are in the core display, and have been for a few weeks or more.  I almost bought a few polishes from The Nudes collection on Labor Day, but the line was insane, so I put them back.  This display also has The Pastels, Nude Long Lasting Lipstick, All About Chocolate and All About Nude, Lash Princess, and a bunch of other stuff.

xmas stuff:

So far just gift sets around here.  So many gift sets!  I've sorted them by store and I'm starting with Walgreens, because they have a TON.  This might not even be all of them.  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking for these.

Profusion (Walgreens)

When I saw the word "neon", I had to pop the palette open and see.  It's not neon at all, and the "blush" palette is eye shadow, not blush.  Hmmm....ok then...

from top: Blush * Nude * Neon

L.A. Colors (Walgreens)

Wet n Wild (Walgreens)

Simple Pleasures and The Color Workshop (Walgreens)

Bonita Holiday Helpers (Rite Aid)

That angel looks like a South Park character, doesn't it?


Wet n Wild Megalast (CVS)

I almost wanna buy it just to find out what shades these are.  That green looks sorta like Poison Ivy, right?

Pop-arazzi (CVS)

these are awful, so only get them for people you don't like

October and November are such big months for drugstore brand releases, so this "weekly" post might actually be weekly for a while.  Ha!

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