Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wet n Wild Embellish Minted

 purchased by me 

Two greens in a row from Wet n Wild!  Awesome!  The world needs more green polish.  I loved I Moss Have It! so much that I didn't hesitate in picking Embellish Minted up the moment I found the Walgreens exclusive Beautifully Wicked collection.  It's the only one I wound up buying, though they're $1 off this week, so I'll probably take another look.  I wish that add was more specific, because I have an eye on at least one of those shadow palettes.  I have a serious Wet n Wild palette problem.  Anyway...the polish...

Embellish Minted is metallic green.

Mannequin hands for a wicked witch, right?  There's something retro 90's about the color and finish too.  When I showed the swatches to my friend, McGee, she instantly said it reminded her of a vintage Wet n Wild that Nichole swatched recently.  I feel like I might have had that one in my teens, but I hated their old formula and gave them all to my sister...who threw them out -just- before I got super into polish again.  Oh well.  I wouldn't call Embellish Minted a dupe for that oldie, but it definitely has a similar look.  The formula's a million times better than in the olden days, but I did have a little bubbling on my pinkie.  This is three coats.

The combination of the color and the bubbling reminds me of those glass pickle xmas ornaments.  That might spawn some nail art in December...we'll see.

Bottom line: Decent witchy, retro color and standard Megalast formula.

I sorta feel like this and I Moss Have It! should have switched places.  Moss feels more Halloweeny to me.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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