Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Charmed, Again

 purchased by me 

They're at it again!  Sinful Colors has reformulated yet another core shade.  Over the past couple of years, they've changed Dream On, Let's Meet, Unicorn, Daredevil, Charmed...and now Charmed again!  I did a comparison last time, so I figured I might as well keep up-to-date and try out the latest version.

Charmed "2015" has silver and pastel multi microglitter, plus a hint of icy pearl in a faintly lilac-tinted base.

two coats over nude

Even at two coats the tint is super faint.  It's a slight girly tweak to my "mannequin hands" nude.  The girliness isn't overwhelming, but it's enough to make me bristle a little...yet not enough to make me take it off.  I've been wearing it since Friday and I've come to terms with it.  Zeus loves it, but then he's more feminine than I am.  The sheerness makes me think that it could be layered over a darker base too, which the 2013 original version wasn't really suited for.

Speaking of the other versions...

one coat over nude:
2013 * 2015 * 2014 * 2015

If you hybridized the first and second versions of Charmed, you'd have the third.  It's got the delicate feel of '14, but with the pastel multi blend of the original.

two coats over nude:
2013 * 2015 * 2014 * 2015

Bottom line:  The new one is closer to '14 than to '13, but still different enough from both that you could justify buying the new one.  You might still be able to track down a bottle of '14 in stores, though I haven't seen it when I've checked.

Which one's your favorite?  2014 gets my vote.

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