Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Shopper - 11/8 through 11/14

New polish and makeup sightings really help me deal with the onslaught of xmas stuff in stores the day after Halloween.  I don't have a ton of stuff to show you this week, but there are a few things.  Sales first, of course...

The HOT Sales:

CVS - 40% off Milani.
Rite Aid - BOGO50% on Jesse's Girl, Julie G, Bonita, etc. 300 Plenti Points for $8 Wet n Wild purchase.
Walgreens - Nothing major.

New Stuff:

Funky Fingers Holiday '15 (LE - Five Below)

I stopped into Five Below for something else entirely, but I can't resist looking at the Funky Fingers/Fresh Paint display.  More new stuff already!  Their holiday shades are super glittery, with really strange names...

Smiling's My Fav * Very Purpley
Ninny Muggins * Son Of A Nutcracker * Arctic Puffin

I mean...Smiling's My Fav?  Uh...ok.  Very Purpley isn't all that purpley.  Ninny Muggins?  Hmm.  None of these made their way home with me.  I do like the colors of Very Purpley, but the larger glitters look kinda tacoed.  Smiling's My Fav might be mine eventually, if I can get past the name.  There's probably a reference that I'm just not getting, but whatever...moving on...

Sinful Colors Wrap Sheet (LE)

Out Of This World * Black On Black * Gogo Girl * Super Nova * Vintage * It's A Wrap * Sugar Sugar * Purple Heart

Vintage!!  So happy to see that come back!  I swatched it a year-ish ago, but I might take the opportunity to reswatch.  Such a gorgeous shade.  It's A Wrap is the only new shade in this bunch, but Supernova and Purple Heart are also back and worth checking out.

new Wet n Wild Mega Last shades at Dollar General

My Butter Half * You're A Cutie! * My Little Peony * Poppy Culture (not shown)
Tulip Season * Drop A Beet * Skipping Stones * Where's My (?) * Lettuce Be Friends

If you're lacking creams, you'll wanna get to Dollar General.

new Wet n Wild Fast Dry shades at Dollar General

Clear The Air * Don't Be So Koi * I Wanna Be A Vermillionare * Magentle Giant
Violet Tendencies * Crying Wolf * Basic Beach * Say For Shore * Navy Intelligence

Seriously.  All of these new shades are creams, except for Clear The Air, which is clear.  I took a long look, but I felt like I have something similar to all of them.  After all, I've got a shitload of creams.  There was also something distracting me...

New-ish Stuff:

Broadway Nails Gel Strong (core - Dollar General)

I've never tried anything by Broadway Nails, but somehow I wound up with three of these shades.  The neon yellow and green matte glitter in Full Of Stars drew me in first.  I also bought Sparkling Stone, which might be a poor girl's version of Butter London AHTQ, and Ultra Violet, a purple that's crampacked with pinky gold flecks.  Look for swatches on here eventually.

OPI shelf display at CVS

Kiss Me Or Elf * Just Beclaus * What's Your Point-setta * Cinnamon Sweet * In A Holidaze * Pirouette My Whistle

Cinnamon Sweet!  There was a real stir over this retro red over on the MUA Nail Board last winter.  It's what Agent Carter wears, confirmed by the actress.

CVS seems to be stepping up their OPI game lately, at least in some locations.  Look at all of these...

The shelf price is an insane $10.79, which is the highest I've ever seen in the US, but there are always ExtraBucks and coupons.  The color range is sorta ho-hum and muggley, but bigger than what they had before.

Piggy Paint at Wegmans

If you're in the Northeast and have or know a little kid who isn't quite ready for real polish, Wegmans has a Piggy Paint display up.  This display also has the remover, which I haven't seen in person before.  They clearly have some separation and settling issues, but it's good to see them around.

When I was poking around in Dollar General, I saw something I would have wanted so bad when I was a kid...

Remember Spin Art?  This looks like it's trying to be that for nails.  It's probably a complete disaster in action, but it's still a cool idea.

So that's the shopper for this week.  No Walgreens Sinful Colors sale like I was hoping.  Guess I'll be paying full price for the rest of the new holiday shades.  Oh well.  I should have at least a couple of actual posts up this week, unlike last week, if this cold I'm coming down with doesn't trample me.  See you then!

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