Tuesday, December 15, 2015

China Glaze The Great Outdoors - My Picks

 purchased by me 

Sorry to vanish again.  I was in a car accident last week.  I'm ok, but the car is probably kaput.  This was my third accident in eight years, and I didn't cause any of them.  I was stopped at a red light this time and wasn't even sure what had happened at first.

The way things are going lately, this might be my last post before xmas, so...here are some swatches from around Halloween!

S'More Fun is a bright yet soft acid green cream.

Love this even more than I expected to.  Easily my favorite of the five I bought from this collection.  It's toned down just enough that it doesn't feel out of place in a fall collection.  That also makes it more flattering than most colors like this.  The formula is pretty standard for a China Glaze cream, so it's on the runny side.  So many brights streak like crazy, but this applied evenly.  This is three coats.

Gone Glamping shifts from soft gold through light green, to blue, with a chrome finish.

Gonna just come out and admit it.  I'm left a little flat by Glamping...plus I hate the name.  Beard went off on a rant about it when I told him, with agreement from both of the boys.  Zeus shrugged and Player 4 gave it a relatively flat "pretty".  I wore it for about a week and failed to ever really fall in love with it.  I don't dislike it, it just feels like a stray from 2012's New Bohemian collection.  If Rare & Radiant and Swanky Silk had a baby, this is exactly what you'd get.  Maybe it'll stamp well?

I can't find some of my notes, but I remember application being surprisingly easy.  Two coats?  Maybe three?  Sorry!

Part of my ho-hum attitude might come from how pale it turned out to be.  Can't deny the shift though...

Mattified it, of course.

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Let's Dew It has periwinkle glitter and multi glitter in a clear base.

over Sally Hansen Spring Moss
I fucked up here too.  No notes on the application, and the picture sucks.  Might revisit it eventually.  Let's move on.

Pondering is a duochrome shimmer, going from muted purple to teal.

The shift is strong enough to make up for the somewhat frosty finish.  Pondering got a lot of love, but it's just a like for me.  It's like a lighter, more opaque, frostier OPI Glacier Bay Blues.  I didn't compare them on my nails, but I did a bottle comparison, with CrowsToes Huginn & Muninn too.  The formula's ok, but you have to be a little watchful to avoid brushstrokes.  This is three coats.

Its shift isn't the only trick Pondering has up its sleeve.  It also looks darker or lighter depending on the lighting.  In indirect natural light it suddenly gets deep and glowy.

ignore the red thing

The extreme end of the shift reminds me of the iridescent feathers of tropical birds.

Mattifying just kinda dulls it.

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Wood You Wanna? is a bronzey brown foil.

You can see I had some issues with this one.  It's super thick and the silver flecks formed strange striped splotches on a couple of my nails.  I'll be thinning it before I wear it again, but I will wear it again.  This is two coats.

Had to mattify it too...

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Bottom line: S'More Fun is the clear winner, for both color and application.  Pondering and Gone Glamping both have decent shifts.  I need to give Wood You Wanna and Let's Dew it second chances.  There are at least a couple more I'll probably pick up once the nail supply store gets them.

Next year is already shaping up to be a lot like this one.  [More on that later.]  I'm thinking of shifting the focus of this blog from trying/failing to keep up with new releases.  It could be cool to see how many of my 900+ untrieds I can plow through in 2016 instead.  If I do that, I'll probably still swatch at least a couple of things from each new Sinful Colors collection.  I might continue the Sunday Shopper too.

If I don't see you on here before the big day, merry xmas to everyone who celebrates!  Hope you have a great one, with lots of polish under the tree!

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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