Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Top Picks of 2015

How was your 2015?  Mine was basically a massive pile of shit.  I'm happy to see the end of it.  It sounds silly, but part of the shitiness was how little swatching I got to do.  This was probably my best collecting year since my first one...maybe even better than that one.  I bought and wore Clarins 230 this year.  Did you see it on here?  Nope.  Same for OPI DS Glamour.  Both were applied in a hurry and weren't camera-worthy by the time I had a quiet moment at home.  Beyond frustrating.  As far as new shades go, I bought plenty of them too, but had the same stumbling blocks.  This year's Top Picks post pulls from both blogs and is only about half the size of my previous two.  That's just the kind of year it's been.  Enough kvetching, let's look back at the bright spots...

Great year for earthtones, wasn't it?  I also snuck the entire OPI Color Paints collection in because they're the best thing for nail art.  EVER!  Keep on scrolling to see everything I picked and click the names to read my reviews.  See you after the spam!

Wet n Wild Nuclear War

Wet n Wild Be More Pacific

Revlon Matte Pearl topper over Wet n Wild Yo Soy!

Sinful Colors Sheer Flight
over China Glaze My Way Or The Highway
Sinful Colors Flight To See
over China Glaze Licence & Registration PLZ

Sinful Colors Prized Plume over Navy I Do

Rimmel Saturn

OPI Color Paints (all shades)

China Glaze My Way Or The Highway

Milani Sardinia over Sally Hansen Sheer Force

Sally Hansen Scorpio Sizzle

Sinful Colors Blue Sensation

Sinful Colors Chalk It Up

Wet n Wild I Moss Have It!

OPI Worth A Pretty Penne

OPI It's A Pizza Cake

Sinful Colors No Filter

Sinful Colors Ink Positive

Bow Good God

Sinful Colors Devil's Stare

Funky Fingers R U Afraid Of The Dark?
over Revlon Surf

China Glaze S'more Fun

Yes, there was a pink in there.  I handed it off to Player 4, because I'll never wear it again, but damn if it isn't a standout.

There's a lot missing too.  OPI This Color's Making Waves belongs here, but I never got a good photo.  Wet n Wild Where My Ho Ho Ho's At? could probably get a spot here too.  I only wore it as an accent, but I loved it the whole time.

So I guess it's time to say good riddance to 2015.  I'm still bad about replying, but you lovely readers always cheer me up with your comments.  Here's hoping we all have a wonderful 2016!

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