Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Lost Swatches - Part 3

 purchased by me 

Unintentional blogging break!  Oops!  I haven't posted in three weeks!  Not dead just...not here.  What happened?  A bunch of things.  I had a cold and other health things that wiped me out for a little while.  My computer's still broken, so all of my photo editing and post formatting has to be done at work.  They're renovating our office, so it's been kinda disastery.  Then there was Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend.  Add to all of that my ongoing little experiment in using gel base coat under conventional polish.  I've had a little trouble and one outright hilarious failure (you'll see), so the little time and energy that I've had for swatching went to learning how not to suck at using gel.  So yeah, three weeks and nothing to really show for it yet.  You know what that means.  It's time to dig into my backlog of unpublished swatches from over the spring/summer.

Rimmel Let's Get Nude is a pale, peachy nude crelly.

If I didn't have a lifetime supply of Revlon Trade Winds, I might have hoarded Let's Get Nude.  I'm not sure if it's discontinued, but Walgreens is clearancing it out.  If you're pale and warm like I am, you might want to pick up a bottle or two.  They're tiny, at only 8mL instead of the standard 15.  The formula's just ok.  I got some pinprick bubbling.  The brush is short and awkward.  This is three coats.

Sally Hansen Fan Appeal is a deep purple with a soft green shift and hints of red shimmer.

From spring's Colors That Soar collection, this one's a subtle duochrome.  I like the depth and glow, so I'm ok with the shift being so minimal.  This is three coats and the formula is good.

The edges look so dark sometimes.  I always enjoy that.  The purple brightens at the other extreme.

Mattified it just because.  It goes kinda flat.  Oh well.

with OPI Matte Top Coat

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked? is a soft orange cream.

Way less flattering on me in person.  It's a shame, because I really like the color.  I only got a couple from the Hawaii collection, so I was a little sad to wind up purging one.  It tries to be opaque in two coats, but I need a third to even it out.

Nicole by OPI Seriously Citrus has green, blue, and white glitter in a clear base.

over Zoya Veruschka

The second Sprite-inspired polish makes sooooo much more sense than the last one!  It coulda used some yellow glitter to really be perfect, but look how close it got...

I'll be back with some real posts...uh...soonishly?  It's killing me that I've been so bad about keeping up with new Sinful Colors releases especially.  My swatches of The Finishing Touch should be xmas.  I hope.  I need to figure out how to get an extra day in the week just for swatching.  That would be the best thing ever.  Until then, well, this might be my only post this week.  *sigh*

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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