Monday, January 18, 2016

SMonday Shopper - 1/17 through 1/23

Late again, dammit!  This week's Shopper (maybe I should just call it Shopper and stop caring when I post it) is a mix of Sally Hansen and Bonita, with a dash of Kmart clearance stuff, and a strong suspicion.  Sally Hansen is doing something somewhat confusing, but I think I've cracked their code.  More on that in a moment.  Sales first.  This is a great week for Wet n Wild...

The HOT Sales:

CVS - $5 ExtraBucks when you spend $15 on Sally Hansen naile.l.f., or Maybelline. $4 ExtraBucks when you spend $10 on Milani. 25% off Wet n Wild.

Rite Aid - 40% off Wet n Wild mascara and nail.

Walgreens - $1 off Wet n Wild priced $2.99 or more. $2 off Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, plus get 1000 points when you buy 2. From 1/17 through 1/19, get 5000 points when you spend $30 or more.

New Stuff:

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - new shades (CVS)

Shade names (new shades are underlined):
Punk-ish Purple * Scarlet Starlet * Digi-teal * Let's Get Digital * Gigabryte * Rock On * Stilettos & Studs
S-teal The Show * World Wide Red * Scarlet Starlet * Midnight Mood * Punk-ish Purple * Motley Hue * Flash-ionista
Chocoholic * Head Bang * Pink-terest * Slate-r Girl * Electric Pop * Pink Stiletto * Flash-ionista
(I didn't notice the other two shades to the right and I can't read the labels in this photo. Sorry!)
Despite it only being a couple of years old, Sally Hansen's reformulating Miracle Gel.  The same weird label situation is going on with this line and Complete Salon Manicure. The old top labels have a shade number and name.  New labels have either a shade number with a line between it and the name OR two numbers with dividing lines between the two of them and between them and the shade name.  Weird, right?  This is pure speculation, but I think the ones with only one number and a line are new and the ones with two numbers are reformulations of older shades.  A little googling seems to support this idea.

Whatever's going on, three shades from this display really caught my eye...

Shade names:
Let's Get Digital * Flash-ionista * Rock On

Flash-ionista might have been around for a while, but I don't pay a huge amount of attention to this line.  The other two really do appear to be new.  Let's Get Digital has a a Models Own Indian Ocean vibe to it, but with less oomph.  I still bought it.  Rock On looks a bit like a metallic Sinful Colors Stone Cold.  Bought that one too.  They'll get a post eventually.  I'm still on a semi-hiatus.

One of the Walgreens locations near me has this big corner display with most of the same shades as the shelf version.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - new shades (Walgreens)

Bonita New Beginnings (LE - Rite Aid exclusive)

Shade names:
Live With Passion * First Things First * Years Of Riches * Royale Kisses * Tomorrow Is A New Day * Early Access

I still haven't tried Bonita, but this is another tempting display from them.  Year Of Riches has a great shimmer to it.

Wet n Wild It's Prime Time Baby and Face The Wild (CVS)

A bunch of the same stuff from the big Walgreens endcap showed up at the CVS near my house this week.

New-ish Stuff:

Bonita Kiss Of The Decade (LE - Rite Aid exclusive)

Shade names:
Truth Fairy * Cerulean Killer * Kiss Of The Decade * To The Batmobile * Flirty Shirley * Big Dipper

 More semi-new Bonitas.  Flirty Shirley and Big Dipper have holo microglitter.

Complete Salon Manicure Keratin Strong! (CVS)

Shade names:
In Full Blue-m * What In Carnation * Poof! Be-gonia * Aflorable
So Much Fawn * Get Juiced * Pink Pong * Red My Lips

More reformulated "Keratin Strong!" Complete Salon Manicure shades.  All of these are core already, but the labeling's a little different.  I wonder how this new formula compares to the previous ones.  Anyone tried them yet?

Lit (CVS)

Nail shades:
Pop * Laser Beam * Spark * High Voltage

Oh wow!  An actual display!  There's been a basket of Lit polish and gloss on the floor at this CVS for weeks.  Some of the shades are tempting, but the $7.50 price tag?  It'll take some serious coupons and/or a sale to get me on board.  The caps on both products light up inside, which...yeah...weird.

Season's best by Heaven (Rite Aid)

This is some kind of fall or winter thing.  I have no idea.  The same brand puts out the summer, Mardi Gras, etc. collections, right?

Random Stuff:

Orly Color Blast - select shades on clearance at Kmart

Ten-ish shades in Kmart's Orly Color Blast display are marked down to $3.49.  Still more than I'd pay, but it's an improvement.  Shamrock Gloss Glitter is Sparkling Garbage rebottled, and it's probably the Color Blast that the MUA Nail Board talks about most.  Kmart can vary wildly with what's marked down, but this and the next one both have tags, so they're probably system-wide.

Fing'rs Get Spotted kit on clearance at Kmart

I already have OPI Black Spotted, but I bought Get Spotted because...well...because.  And $2!  I did a test nail, and I think Get Spotted is actually easier to use than Black Spotted.  If you had any interest in spotted polish, you might want to try tracking this down.

....whatever this thing is...

At first, I was hoping it was something like the coupon printer at CVS.  I poked it a little, but I think it's just for signing up for Plenti.  Meh.  Also, is this the saddest attempt at looking modern or what?  It's got some weird hologram thing at the top, which is totally unnecessary.  It's also boxy and kinda reminds me of robots from tv and movies from 30+ years ago.

I hinted at it above, but I'm extending my semi-hiatus.  My fibroids definitely need to be removed.  The doctor joked that I can join the circus and didn't completely contain how startled she was by them.  I'm getting an ultrasound tomorrow and I'm meeting with the surgeon next week.  Things are moving really quickly.  I'm hoping that a lot of my discomfort, pain, fatigue, and other symptoms will be relieved by the surgery...but I know I might have to go on a full hiatus while I recover.  My computer is still broken too.  On top of all of that, I accidentally deleted the imgur folders that have my pre-edit swatch photos in them.  They're backed up onto an external hard drive, but without a working computer...  I can't even do Lost Swatches posts right now.  Bleh.  I'm far from done with blogging, life just isn't making it easy lately and I'm too tired to force it.  I'm aiming for a swatch or NOTD post every week or two until things ease up, along with Sunday Shoppers whenever I have enough to write about or there's a good enough sale.

tl;dr - I'll be around, just not much.

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