Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sunday Shopper - 1/10 through 1/16

Ok, so it's Monday.  This post was already late, then I found even more stuff.  Little bit of everything today...some Valentine's, some early spring, and some new core stuff.  January is THE time for new products, core overhauls, etc, and I'm sure there are even more things on the way before the month is over.  This has turned into a pretty large post, so let's get on with it...

The HOT Sales:

CVS - $3 EB when you buy 2 Wet n Wild Wonder Gels.  $3 EB when you buy $8 of Rimmel.
Rite Aid - The usual.
Walgreens - Nothing of note.

New Stuff:

Sinful Colors Love Bites (Wegmans)

Shade names:
Feeling Great * Sail La Vie * Pink Smart * GoGo Girl * Tempest * (top coat) * Love Bombs

Just one new shade in this collection, but it's a good one!  Lots of glitter and shimmer.  I should have swatches of Love Bombs up soon, maybe even this week.  Maybe.  There are repromotes of two popular shades here too, Sail La Vie and Pink Smart.

There's also a sheet of cute conversation heart stickers...

OPI Hello Kitty (Wegmans)

For my fellow Mid-Atlantic'ers, the Hello Kitty collection is showing up at Wegmans...and instantly being picked over.  What else is new?

Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel (Rite Aid)

Shade names:
Pale In Comparison * Stay Classy * Under My Plum * Pinky Swear * Missy In Pink * It's Sher-Bert Day! * Coral Support
Crime Of  Passion * Pardon My Peach * Left Marooned * Bye Feluschia! * Lavender Out Loud * Pretty Peas * Peri-wink-le Of An Eye
Cyantific Method * Condensed Milk * All That Jazzy * Power Outage

I'll tell you what's gel from Wet n Wild.  They're a late entry, but considering how nicely pigmented their regular creams tend to be, I'll be trying a few of these out for possible stamping potential.  By the way, whoever set up this particular display really missed a big hint, didn't they?

Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel (CVS)

Shade names:
Pretty Peas * Cyantific Method * Power Outage
Pinky Swear * It's Sher-bert Day! * Crime of Passion * Under My Plum * Stay Classy 

This girl or guy got the hint and did this smaller display right.  Typing these names again, a couple of the puns finally sunk in.  I get it now.  Both the small and large displays have $1 off coupons (good ALL YEAR) on them, but if you happen upon them at CVS, there's an ExtraBucks deal going too.  This week you could get two of them for $9 with the coupon and $3 in ExtraBucks.  Not too shabby!

Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel (Walgreens)

Walgreens went BIG with their display, but doesn't seem to have more shades than the ones I found at Rite Aid.

Wet n Wild Wild Is A State Of Play! (Walgreens)

What they do have is this endcap full of all kinda of new makeup things.  I'll probably be all over this once they have a sale.

L'Oreal Bohemian Beauty (Rite Aid)

Shade Names:
Sunkissed Silver * Boho Babe * Peaceful Pink * Radical Rose * Flower Crown * Beautiful Blue

Does eeevery brand have to do a bohemian collection?  Is there some kind of rule?  Still, as spring pastels go, these manage to be a little different.  There's also glitter topper.  Woo.

Other Stuff:

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Keratin Strong! (CVS)

Back row: Clean Slate * Orchid Me Not * Ruby Do * Wine Not * Brown Nose
Front row: (?) * Red My Lips * Scarlet Lacquer * Ginger Zinger * So Much Fawn

This turned up around xmas, but I figured it's worth noting, since it's got a coupon for $1 off any Complete Salon Manicure shade.  The coupon is good through 2/29/16 and doesn't specify (or even mention) the reformulation.  This is, what, the second or third reformulation for this line in less than four years, isn't it?  Oh and if you're wondering about the question mark in the shade name list, that's Violet Glass from last fall.  It's filling in for whatever was meant to go there and doesn't belong in this display.

SinfulShine (Walgreens)

Another variety of SinfulShine self display.  Prosecco's in this one too, but I'm more excited to see Wisp return.  It's one of the best white creams I've tried.

Sinful Colors core overhaul at Walgreens

Discontinued shades:
Purple Diamond * Calypso * Unicorn * Call You Later * Amethyst * Happy Ending * Savage * Queen of Beauty
Under 18 * Enchanted * Boogie Nights * Daredevil * Starry Night * Love Nails * Let's Meet * All About You

There are some major changes coming to the Sinful Colors core display soon.  At least 16 shades are being dropped, some of which have been in there since I started paying attention.  The Sinful Colors site lists some new shades, but not enough to fill in all of the blanks.  Hmmm.

Oh and Devil's Stare is coming back!!  Yay!

Wegmans DC'ed Maybelline Color Show!?

Getting regional again, but I find this interesting and confusing.  New polish?  No polish?  I'll be watching this spot.

Looks like I'll be posting another one of these next week because I found even more new stuff between starting and finishing this post...but that's something for another day. I love this time of year for shopping! 

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