Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Neverending Mani

Sorry to vanish on you for over three weeks.  Know what's nuts?  I wore the same mani for most of that time, from January 17th to February 4th.  That's gotta be a record for me.  The worst part is that it was flawed the whole damn time.  It bothered me, but not enough to fix it.  Between appointments with doctors, getting snowed in at work, and the rest of it, well...the days and the mani just kinda wore on.

If you can look past the topcoat fuckup on my middle finger and my so-so shaping job, it started off looking good.

Girly Bits actually reposted this photo on their Instagram page!?  Somehow I missed that until just now.  Oops!  The darker of the two holos is their Twitch Or Treat.  I'd originally wanted to wear it as the base, but decided it was probably too dark for work.  When I looked through my recent-ish purchases, Twitch looked so good next to Color Club Sidewalk Psychic that I decided to use both.  They harmonize even better than I'd expected!  My only regrets are not placing the image (from MoYou London's Illusion plate 5) with slightly better centering and maybe a little higher up.  Oh well.  Overall, I liked the mani, which is good, considering how long I wore it.

I even went outside on a sunny day!  How often does that happen?

...and under my daylight lamp...just...daaayum...

That topcoat wrinkle and the two bubbles that you can't really see in the photos were eventually joined by the mother of all growout.

By the time I finally removed it last Thursday, I was happy to see it go.  The polishes and stamping image are beautiful, but the whole thing had really outstayed its welcome.  My nails desperately needed reshaping (the tip of one chipped off...grr) and, again, that growout.  I wound up spending a few hours on nail maintenance and redoing my gel base.  I feel so much better now!  Here's hoping I don't get "stuck" in this for as long...

I'll be doing a big post about the whole fibroid thing eventually, probably once I know when/what the surgery will be.  For now I'm just sorta passing the time until a preliminary biopsy thing on the 25th.  The surgeon said the chance of cancer is really low, but they need to be sure before they decide what type of surgery I'll be having.  Fun fun.

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