Tuesday, May 31, 2016


 purchased by me 

Today's post is brought to you by confusion.  Where'd this LIT NYC brand come from?  Does CVS actually carry it?  Why does the cap have a light in it?  No clue.  Around xmas the best CVS in my area randomly just had a bunch of these in a wicker basket.  They've moved them around a few times and they don't seem to be selling.  There was a shelf display (in this post) at one point too.  The $7.50 price tag was keeping me away, but eventually I had a bunch of coupons and the need to buy something, so it happened.  Sassy is one of two shades I took pity on.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pahlish Patisserie de Pahlish - My Picks

 purchased by me 

The deeper you get into a polish addiction, the more appealing indies start to look.  I don't think my love for drugstore and salon polishes will ever die, but my indie love is growing.  Pahlish gets a good chunk of that love.  Their collections come and go fairly quickly, but it keeps the selection fresh.  Today I've got three from last month's Patisserie de Pahlish collection.  The creams from this collection are (probably) discontinued, but Shannon told me the toppers will be back in a future restock.  That's great news, because you need them.  Seriously.  Look at them...

Monday, May 16, 2016

Essie Off Tropic

 purchased by me 

Could this possibly be the first Essie review I've posted on here?  Really?  I swatched a couple from last year's fall collection, but the light was bad so the colors were off and I never posted the photos.  They the whole Starry Starry Night "reissue" rigmarole happened.  I bought it at full price and I'm kinda furious at them because it's bullshit and they're liars...but more on that some other time.  Just when I was considering taking an Essie break because of the lies they told about SSN, they go and release this...

Off Tropic is a deep blue-green cream.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I'm Back!!

 purchased by me 

My surgery went well!  I wound up staying in the hospital for four nights instead of just one, but that meant that by the time I got home I was mostly just tired and sore.  I came back to work this past Friday and my life is pretty much back to normal.  Normal isn't even the right word.  Now that the fatigue from the recovery is fading, I'm feeling better than I have in maybe a year or more.

What better way to return to blogging than with my first post-surgery purchase?  I'd been lemming CrowsToes Even Sugar Melts In The Devil's Mouth for a long time, but it was an A Box, Indied exclusive and always got snapped up from destashes before I could catch it.  Suddenly there it was in a Storenvy listing on my first full day back home.  Yay!  I'm a complete failure at low-buys.  There was no way I was passing this up.

Even Sugar Melts In The Devil's Mouth has silvery-white flakes and fuchsia and copper microflakes in a deep, plummy jelly base.