Thursday, August 25, 2016

OPI Washington DC - My Picks: Pt. 1

 purchased by me 

Who else is 400% ready for Fall?  I've been swatching some of my recent purchases and it's about to get autumnal in here!  Let's kick off the best season with a look at four creams that set the fall mood just right...

Do we like the text on the collage?

Never A Dulles Moment is a muted goldenrod cream.

This.  Color.  I love it.  Aaahhh!  Yellow polishes can be bitchy, but Dulles isn't too difficult.  It's thick and took an extra coat to even out, but for a yellow that's not bad.

Stay Off The Lawn!! is a teal green cream.

I can't gush over Lawn enough!  The formula and color are both perfect.  It's probably dupey for something (in fact, look for a comparison in an upcoming post), but the formula makes Lawn the one to get.  This is two coats.

Suzi - The First Lady Of Nails is a slightly dusty hunter green cream.

The name of this one throws me on two levels.  Why not "Suzi For President"?  Better yet, why isn't this called Stay Off The Lawn?  It's much lawnier than Lawn.  Name confusion aside, the formula is also perfection.  I let out happy sighs as it practically applied itself.  This is two effortless coats.

CIA = Color Is Awesome is a prussian blue cream.

Another gorgeous color and perfect formula!  This is also two dreamy coats.

Bottom line: CIA, Lawn, and First lady all have the wonderful formula you expect from OPI creams.  Dulles is decent for a yellow.  The colors all kill me with delight.

There will be another post, maybe two, of my picks from this collection. What else did I get?  The short answer is "most of them".  I ordered seven shades from JCP a month ago and all kinds of dumb shit happened.  I bought these four in the salon of my local store and I should be getting a replacement JCP order with seven others soon.  I hope.  More on all of that later, maybe.  I've decided I must just be cursed when it comes to OPI fall collections from JCP.  What can I say?  I'm a sucker for a low price and their customer service is amiably inept, so I can't stay mad at them.

See you soon with more new stuff!

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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