Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Where's The Green!?

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If you're still reading this blog, hey.  I kinda wandered off again, didn't I?  July got hectic.  I had an ear infection, then a minor-ish allergic reaction to the antibiotics.  Then it was Beard's birthday and I went way overboard with the cake.  The local fair is the same week, and we always go, because goats.  A gummy bear making obsession also took over my free time.  In sadder news, one of my family cats (posted by my sister) lost a long battle with health problems.  The last couple of weeks have been a blur of headaches, hives, gelatin, livestock, and cat nostalgia.  Blogging fell by the wayside.  This "evolving" mani is from weeks ago, but I liked it too much not to share it.

Here's where it wound up...

The undies for this mani didn't get their own photo.  It started off with OPI Gel Color Glints Of Glinda, which I bought because of my love for the conventional polish version of this shade.  It's one of the most universally flattering nudes I've ever seen.  Anyone with warm tones should have one version or the other.

Glinda was the undies for two coats of the very sheer Orly Power Hungry.

This is one of those polishes that almost passed me by.  It was part of last Halloween's Disney Villians (down toward the bottom) collection at Walgreens.  This line is tiny and overpriced, so I'll generally just glance.  A glance isn't enough to get the full idea of Power Hungry.  I didn't know what a little treasure I'd found when I pulled this bottle from the clearance bin.  The base is a sheer mauvey-gray, with a copper-to-green shifting shimmer and tiny scattered holo.  It's so subtle, but so complex!  The green flash is STRONG in person, but my camera refused to catch it.  Boo.

You can see the shift best in low light.  Just imagine SO MUCH MORE green, even more than you can see in the bottle here.

In some lighting, the shift just vanishes and it's a soft gray with a little twinkle.

Then all of a sudden it's a warmer, almost ivory, scattered holo.

The little twinkle is so eye-catching!

The green can come out alongside the holo too, but...tell that to my camera.  Where's the damn green!?  Take the hint of it on my pinkie in this next photo as the slightest suggestion of just how green this can be in person.  Like so green.  Stupid camera.

It can go suddenly peachy too, in just the right conditions.  There's a photo of that on my Instagram.

I loved this mani the entire time I wore it.  It's been so damn long since I really did much nail art, so I figured why not dress it up.

I stamped it with Kaleidoscope Sea Depths, a gorgeously murky stamping polish from El Corazon.  The plate is Gogo Only (Gogoonly? Go Go Only?) St. Merry.

I kept on trying to get the green to come out.  The stamping sorta helped.  Sorta.

Needed a little something though, so I went into my box of Sakura Gelly Roll pens.

I added dots with #655 from the Gold Shadow series.  These pens work like a dream on polish.  I owe big thanks to Nkem of Another Bottle Of Polish for introducing me to them.  I should use them more often!

Oh look...almost caught the green.  Almost.  Sorta.  Phooey.

The nail art was fun, but I'm so ready to jump back into some swatching!  If the weather cooperates over the next couple of days, I'll hopefully have the China Glaze Rebel collection and my picks from OPI Washington DC up in the next week or so.  See you then!

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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