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Sinful Colors Desert Divas

 purchased by me 

This post isn't "My Picks" from Desert Divas, it's all of 'em!  Can you remember the last time I posted an entire collection?  I sure can't.  It's a big step toward really coming back to blogging, and it feels great!  This is gonna be a long, long, looooong post, so let's get to it...

Every shade in this collection has a generous helping of icy white flakes and a bit of fine shimmer that twinkles blue or purple when you catch it just right.  They all have cream bases.  My descriptions will only deal with the base colors.  Each is shown with glossy and matte top coats.  There are a couple of comparisons down at the bottom too.

Better Sedona-ed is a pale sky blue.

As pastels go, I don't hate this.  The flakes get lost in the paleness, but you catch them here and there.  It corpses me out, but not severely.  The formula's not too bad either, for a pastel.  Three coats and maybe kinda draggy.

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Clay Me is terracotta.

Surprising to see something this pumpkiny in a spring collection, but I like it!  The flakes stand out much more here than in the lighter colors.  The formula is easier too, quite good.  This is three coats because the base is on the sheer side.

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Desert Reign has a lilac base.

Work-safe!  Always good to get a new option that isn't completely ho-hum.  The flakes stand out well, despite the light-ish color.  It's got the best formula so far, just two coats and really well-behaved.

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Gotta Terracotta's base is dusty mauve.

Awfully close to Desert Reign, right?  Sinful Colors even has trouble telling them apart.  They goofed and used the Desert Reign bottle shot for Gotta Terracotta on their site.  I'm hoping I didn't mix them up too!  It's also SFW, needed two coats, and has a good formula.

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Just Deserts is a pale, pinky nude.

In some lighting, Just Deserts is almost mannequin hands on me.  Other times it's too pink for my comfort.  I can see it being completely perfect for someone pinker than I am.  If my sister was into polish, this would be amazing on her.  This is two coats, with a noticeably thick formula that smooths out as it's applied.

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Namaste The Night has a rich purple base.

Another surprise in a spring collection, this is bordering on vampy.  You know I love it!  The flakes really pop against the deep base.  This is two coats and the formula's good.

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Super Cooper is a mossy green.

*not quite color-accurate - warmer in person - it's IMPOSSIBLE to photograph*

The cause of all of the hubbub!  Super Cooper isn't available at Walgreens or Target.  I found it at Rite Aid.  It's a shame such a great color isn't everywhere.  Another shame is how cameras refuse to understand it.  It's warmer in person.  The formula's better than some, not as good as others, and on the thick side.  This is three coats, but could probably have been two.

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Tealing Power has a deep turquoise base.

The company I work for has loosened its dress code rules about nail polish, but I was still taking a risk wearing this to work.  Worth it.  It was too awesome to take off after just a day.  So bold and flattering!  The base is on the sheer side, but builds well, so I needed three coats.

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Thera-Pewter is a very soft, grayed lavender.

And we're back to pastels, but on the modern, "offbeat" side.  There's something kinda OPI-ish about the base color, but there's something it reminds me of even more.  I got strong Illamasqua Raindrops vibes the moment I saw Thera-pewter.  We'll see in a moment how they compare.  This is another one with a sheerer base, and on the runny side, so this is three coats as well.

with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Comparisons!  I really should have done both in one photo, and compared Gotta Terra Cotta and Desert Reign, but oh well.  I'm still a bit rusty from my hiatus.

I compared both Better Sedona'ed and Thera-pewter to Illamasqua Raindrops.

Sedona'ed * Sedona'ed * Raindrops

See why I should have done the three together?

Thera-pewter * Thera-pewter * Raindrops

Sedona'ed pulls Raindrops way gray. Thera-pewter makes it look blue.  It's a cool gray, similar to Thera-pewter in formula (3 coats, thin and sheer), but has fewer flakes.  It's a subtler look overall than anything in this collection.  It's also discontinued and retailed for as much as the entire collection ($18) when it was available. Raindrops is on ebay for $40 now.  Crazy, right?  You could probably franken it from Thera-pewter, were you so inclined.

This collection is also similar to Illamasqua Pink Raindrops and Dance Legend's Mist Way collection, but I don't have those.  I asked in Sinfully Polished on FB if anyone could compare them.  Paula of Real Polish Fanatic came through in a big way.  Check out her post to see a bunch of comparisons.

Bottom line:  This is a great collection overall.  There's plenty of flakie payoff in all of the shades, though they blend in to the base color of Better Sedona'ed more than the rest.  If you can find Super Cooper (or buy it online), it's absolutely worth it and a must-have for green lovers.  Gotta Terra Cotta and Desert Reign are similar enough that even their "mother" can't tell them apart easily.  You probably don't need both unless you're going for completion.

Just TEN DAYS until Polish Con NYC!!  Look for a big post all about that (probably mid-week the following week) and follow me on Instagram for pics from the event.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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