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Polish Con NYC 2017

What an incredibly fun week I had at the end of April!  Not only did I go to Polish Con, one of my best friends EVER came with me!  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw highlights of my adventures with Kat, who I call "McGee".  We did a whirlwind tour of Philly, Amish Country, and NYC, all centered around Polish Con at Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn.  The convention was the perfect excuse for what I hope becomes an annual visit.  If only Polish Con was in NYC every spring!  I'm not planning on going to the Chicago this fall, and next spring will probably be the West Coast's turn...but I can hold out hope for Philly in 2019, right?  It was a complete thrill and I can't wait to show you guys some of what I did and saw, so let's get to it!

The main room was a little overwhelming at first...

...and oddly dark.  I just happened to have brought a portable LED lamp and it got plenty of use.  The lighting made shopping a little tricky, but made for great selfies, which you'll see later.  The venue was stunning and lavish, even if the lighting wasn't ideal.

I made a beeline for Pahlish's table and fangirled all over Shannon, then I wandered around, taking photos and making a few initial purchases.  I tried to get photos of all of the tables and have at least a little look, but it was all so wonderfully overwhelming that I managed to miss Cupcake Polish!  Oops!  They were one of the busiest tables, and I'm kicking myself for the oversight.  I hope I got all of the rest.  I did try!

Click on the photos to embiggen them. Click on the brands' names to visit their sites.

Anchor & Heart Lacquer * Anonymous Lacquer * Bluebird Lacquer * Blush Lacquers
Bohemian Polish * Colors by Llarowe * Different Dimension * Dollish Polish

Ever After Polish * Fleur de Lis Polish * Flirtin' Cosmetics * Girly Bits Cosmetics
Great Lakes Lacquer * Glisten & Glow * Jesse's Girl * KBShimmer

Leesha's Lacquer * Le Polish * Nine Zero Lacquer * Noodles Nail Polish
Native War Paints * Octopus Party Nail Lacquer * Pahlish * Painted Polish

Sassy Pants Polish
Pretty & Polished

Meeting makers, bloggers, and familiar faces from Instagram and Facebook was my favorite part of the whole event.  Before I'd made a single purchase, I spotted my longtime FB friend, An, aka The Polished Hippy.  We did a quick "AAHHH!! It's YOU!!" before getting back to convention stuff, but we caught up again later for a photo with McGee.  I didn't get pictures of everyone I met.  Leanne Larowe cracked us up with a fish-out-of-water first time in NYC story.  She's too funny!  I also ran into Amanda of Fashion Footing and Amanda from The Nail Polish Enthusiast, two of my longtime Twitter and IG buddies.  I wish I'd thought to get a photo.

Here are the photos I did manage to get...

Dave of OPNL is friends with McGee and my blog ex-wife, Nichole, who does a lot of his swatches.  I'm happy to call him a friend now too!

Missi, creator of Different Dimension was wearing a mustard-colored lipstick, but the soft, purply lighting made it look beige.  Still, offbeat lip color choices are a path straight to my heart.  I'd love her for that, even if she didn't make such eye-catching polish. [side note - I actually bought a Polish Con exclusive of hers, Central Park Before Dark, from a destash while writing this post. I'd been kicking myself for missing it.]

Julie of Julie G and Jessie's Girl started off as an indie maker, but talked her way onto the Rite Aid shelves.  How cool is that!?  She's incredibly warm, friendly, and down to earth too.

Shannon, maker of Pahlish, is even nicer in person than she is on Facebook and I love her and her brand even more since meeting her.  4000% favorite!

An, The Polished Hippy, is arty and witty and all-around cool.  She does some of the best indie swatches out there and cracks me up on FB on a regular basis.

...and this blog's biggest fan, Isabelle!  She recognized me in the crowd and made me feel like a superstar.  She's the sweetest!

McGee and I did twin nails using...surprise...Pahlish Rebel Rebel, one of my favorite polishes of the year so far.

The stamping was done with Mundo de Unas Black (bought from NailLand) and Born Pretty Store's BPL-62 plate.  I bought that plate for its pop art awesomeness and it just happened to have Lady Liberty on it.  Perfect for NYC, right?

So what did I get?  Distracted!  There was so much pretty polish and so many wonderful people that I really didn't do all that much actual shopping.  Let's look at my purchases first...

The glitzy holo cosmetics bag was free with the purchase of six KBSimmer polishes.  I was picking two up for friend, so I only had to buy four myself to get the bag.  I went with Grand Prospect Holo, Flip Flop Hooray, Puns And Roses, and Oh My Ganache.  I already had a lot of what Pahlish was selling, but I still picked up Notorious RBG, Team Zissou, Good Omens, and Don't Blink. I went to CbL's table to do some more mule-ing and the May CotM, Emerald Illusion, grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go.  Pretty Serious didn't make it to the convention (which sucks because I'd love to meet Kaz), but I snagged Wish You Were Beer from the Polish Con merch table.  I may have missed the Cupcake Polish table (HOW???), but I bought Hello Brooklyn from the same merch table.  Contrary Polish caught me, bigtime!  I spent a long time pouring over their swatch sticks trying to narrow my choices down.  It was tough!  I wound up with Wild Grass and Mud Pie from their new Sueded Summer matte collection, The Boulevard, the NYC trio, These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New, and Almost Unearthly Thing.  Contrary is a brand I've meant to check out since wearing Better Together for my fourth anniversary with Beard.  I went to the Girly Bits table to ogle and came away with Lack of Pies.  Native War Paints is another brand I'd meant to try, and I jumped all over the chance, getting Copper Pot, Cozy Sweater, Brokelyn, and Penny For Your Thoughts.  I also got my first Great Lakes Lacquer, The Centre Cannot Hold.

I was lucky enough to score a VIP ticket and the goodie bag was crampacked with great stuff.  I passed some of it along to McGee, but here's what I kept...

It's not all polish.  Turtle Tootsies Cucumber Melon sugar scrub, Polish My Life Honey Almond hand cream, Sassy Pants Plumeria cuticle balm, and Lucky 7 nail oil were among the skincare treats.  I also won a free Native War Paints cuticle oil on the prize wheel, so I picked the maple-y Bog Of Eternal Stench.  The polishes are a great variety of brands and colors. I'm especially in love with Fair Maiden Lady Liberty, but there's so much win in this bag!  It was well worth the cost.  I did pass the pinks and a pastel yellow to McGee.

Here's her haul...

The three pinks on the left and the yellow under them are from my VIP bag, along with the Julie G buffer (too gentle for my overlays), a cuticle cream called God Of Tits And Wine (sorry, I'm blanking on the brand!), a pouch of glitter, and holo nail stickers.  She made a point of checking out brands she hadn't tried before, but she also bought from favorites OPNL and Julie G.  She loved the fragrance of Native War Paints' Bog Of Eternal Stench so much that I snuck back to the table later in the day and bought her a mini as a surprise.

It's a cliche and an understatement to call my vacation just "a great time".  One of my favorite people in the entire world came to stay with me and I dragged her all over the place.  In NYC we stayed with Uncle Sugar, who is another of my absolute favorite people.  I got to meet my "cat cousin", Rayette, who playfully chased us around the apartment.  It was a week full of polish, dinosaurs, food, and quality time with a friend I adore.  I'm sad it's over and I was thinking of what we'll do next time before she even went home.  I'm thinking of the next time I'll go to Polish Con too.  Philly 2019?  Not likely, but I'll keep dreaming.

Did you go to Polish Con?  What'd you get?  Who'd you meet?

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