Monday, May 22, 2017

Sally Hansen Heavy Metal and Retro Grade

 purchased by me 

We're in the middle of a serious drugstore drought.  There was a time when there'd be a new Sally Hansen display, chock-full of limited edition goodies, every couple of months...if not more often.  Those days seem to be over, but that doesn't mean there aren't new shades around if you're fiending.  Back in maybe January some stores had a display of six new Xtreme Wear shades, called Rebel Glam.  They were mostly creams and not LE, so I harrumphed and decided to wait for the right price.  Eventually the coupon gods smiled and I bought the two grays I'm showing you today.

Heavy Metal is an industrial gray cream.

Hooray for another "edgy" work-appropriate option!  Love it right away just for that.  The formula's decent, if a little thick. and this is two coats.

Retro Grade is a deep, blue-toned gray cream.

You can see from the photo, Retro Grade dries darker than it looks in the bottle.  Not gonna complain.  I love the color!  The formula is less lovable.  It's decidedly thick and a little finicky.  I'll be thinning it before I wear it again, for sure.  This is two coats.

Bottom line: Great colors, but Retro Grade's formula needs thinning.  Still, if you love grays, it's worth reaching way down to the bottom shelf for these.

Did you get these or any of the other new Xtreme Wear shades?  I'll probably get Garage Band and maybe With The Beet at some point.  Any other new Sally Hansen shades I should try?

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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