Monday, July 24, 2017

H&M Olive Twist and Space Race

 purchased by me 

It's been almost two years since H&M's revamped beauty line debuted.  After reading Nouveau Cheap's post about it, I went to the mall to check them out...only to find a display still being assembeled.  By the time I got back to the mall, my interest had dwindled and I didn't buy anything.  A couple of months ago I went to look for the Blackheart Beauty holos at Hot Topic and figured I might as well peruse H&M's polish too.  There was a BOGO50 sale and I was in one of those moods, so I bought a bunch.  Today I've got two to show you...

Olive Twist is an olive green cream.

This color!!  I was in love the second I saw it in the store.  Must.  Have.  It's so perfectly olive.  The formula, unfortunately, isn't anywhere near as great as the color.  It's thick and draggy, but still needed three coats for evenness.  Erg.  Worth it for this pure green awesomeness, but erg.

Space Race is a silver linear holo.

indirect sunlight and daylight CFL (the usual)

You can kindasortamaybe see the holo flame.  It's a little more obvious in person, but not much.  This isn't the crazybright Spectraflair holo we've gotten used to seeing.  It has a different (I feel pretty right in saying lesser) pigment that just doesn't have the gusto of the real deal.  On one level I guess it's good to be able to get a holo at the mall...but if this is someone's first holo, they have my sympathy.  That goes double if their bottle has a brush like mine.  It was a wonky, tangled mess and softer than I like.  Bad.  The formula's no prize either.  This is two coats on most of my nails, except for my index.  That needed three coats to even out brushstrokes from the awful brush.  The weirdness goes beyond that though.  When I was applying it, it looked like a total dud.  It looked more holo-y as it dried, but it also dried oddly dull.  I've never seen a holo do that before.  So strange.

Yeah, holos usually look their best outside.  I took it out to the deck with high hopes that it would finally win me over...

direct sunlight

Not really.  The holo is bolder outside, like you'd expect, but this is strong, direct sunlight and it's still weaker than many others are indoors.  Meh.

Bottom line:  These...well...they're not great.  They have formula and brush issues.  They're also kinda expensive for a store brand and they're tiny.  At just 0.27 ounces (8mL), they're the same size as Deborah Lippmann minis and cost about as much.  I think Olive Twist is worth it for the color, but Space Race is 100% not worth $6.

Have you tried any H&M polishes?  How was your experience with them?  I'll swatch the rest of mine someday, but after these I'm not in a hurry.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 

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